Fan Chaotix videos and flashes

There have been quite a few flashes and movies online related to Sonic the Hedgehog, and some of them are Chaotix-realted, so...this will be a new section of, where you could submit your own made movies and flashes, related to the Chaotix! If you want to me to host your video/flash online, I'll be glad to do so, as long as you follow these simple rules:

1) The video/flash must needless to say be your very own.
2) All videos must be sent in as MOV, AVI, WMV or MPG format only. For flash movies, only SWF format is accepted.
3) The video/flash must contain at least one Chaotix member, and the appearance should be more than just a brief snapshot. The Chaotix should have a fairly important role in the video/flash. The video/flash may include own made characters, or other characters from the Sonic the Hedgehog universe as well, just as long as it contains at least one Chaotix member. Knuckles alone does not count as a Chaotix member.
4) Clean animations only. Yiff, yaoi or too violent animations are not accepted. If you feel unsure wether your video/flash would fall into any of these categories, feel free to send it over to me, and I'll approve it.
6) Reasonable quality, please. But if the video/flash would be below that level, I may still upload the picture if I find it unique or special of any reason. Flash-games are accepted and would fall into this category.

Last update: June 6th, 2007

In order to view flash movies, you need to have java installed into your Internet browser. If your java is updated enough, simply click on the link, and the flash will begin. If you do not have the last version for your Internet browser, click here and install it into your computer. (Note: I do not give support regarding java installation).
To save any video/flash, right-click and select "save as..." and save to your computer.

By Sandra Pasch - June 6th, 2007

Charmy Bee - Sonic X A funny mix of screenshots and outtakes, with everyones favourite bee, with a hilarious and perfect fitting song.

By Manic Man - May 13th, 2006

(Note: Episode 1 and 2 are both 20Mb each and episode 3 is 30Mb)

The Adventures of Mighty and Ray, Episode 1 - "AM3 Island"
In these series, Mighty the Armadillo and Ray the Squirrel are checking out a mysterious island...but are they really welcomed? The adventure begins in the Volcanic Vault...

The Adventures of Mighty and Ray, Episode 2 - "Icely Tomb"
...and it continues to the Icy Isle...

The Adventures of Mighty and Ray, Episode 3 - "Shortcut to Terror"
...and this is the conclusion...!

By Jared Groeneveld - May 13th, 2006

Vector the Crocodile Vs. Steve Irwin
Have you ever asked yourself what would happen if the crocodile hunter Steve Irwin would capture Vector? This flash may give you the answer... ;)

Why Mighty the Armadillo wasn't included to Sonic Heroes
The title says it all... :)

A simple song about the Chaotix. A song you'll love to hate... ;)
The title says it all... :)

By Roger van de Weide - August 20th, 2006

Sonic Heroes
This flash is a parody made out of Sonic Heroes, and of course, the Chaotix Detective Agency appear in it. Very funny, should make you laugh a couple of times. :)

Sonic - Triple Madness - New version, August 20th, 2006
Another hilarious flash with the Chaotix, trying to gather the stolen chaos emeralds. Fang has a funny role in this flash, give it a look!! :)

Sonic - Triple Madness 2 - New version, August 20th, 2006
And this is the second part...quite as crazy as the first part...!

Chaotix of Tomorrow - introduction
This video is, so to say, the introduction movie to my game, Chaotix of Tomorrow. I was planning to have this game as an avi-file in the game itself, but unfortunately it would take up another 10Mb (while this flash is only 500Kb, so don't worry), which would be too much.

By Beaux Barron - March 31st, 2006

Another day at the Chaotix office
It seems to be another ordinary day at the Chaotix office...until...well, watch and find out. :)

By Becky "puritylf4" Moore - March 24th, 2006

Espio the Chameleon Vs. Rouge the Bat
This animation was made back in early 2004, a project which has been cancelled, as far as I've heard. A very interesting animation of Rouge and Espio in a fight, give it a look!

Espio the Chameleon (and others) in neon lights
Again another part of the 2004 sonic extreme flash movie, an introduction.

Espio the Chameleon and Michelle the Wolf spending a day together
What happens when Michelle spends a day with Espio? View to find out (note: there is no sound, so don't adjust your speakers. :) ).

Michelle the wolf playing trumpet together with Espio the Chameleon
A short, but hilarious movie!!

Espio and Michelle on a cliff
Romantic scene of them two. The animation ends a bit sudden, so don't worry, there is nothing wrong about the flash.

Questions? Comments? Want me to give your video/flash a look? E-mail me!