Knuckles Chaotix - meet the Characters

Note: The Japanese storylines are translated directly from Japanese to English through a translation program. Therefore, there will be spelling and grammar mistakes. The scripts were taken directly from a forum.
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The original Chaotix team contain the following five members:

Knuckles the Echidna - Knuckles (included to the Chaotix), would be the leader of Team Chaotix in most of the Chaotix universes. Knuckles the Echidna, guardian of the Floating Island and it's Master Emerald was the main leader of the Chaotix in "Knuckles Chaotix" on the 32X (As the name would suggest). Except for in Knuckles Chaotix, Knuckles appeared in several other games such as Sonic & Knuckles, Sonic Drift 2, Sonic Triple Trouble, Sonic the Hedgehog 3, Sonic R, Sonic Adventure 1 and 2, Sonic the Fighters and Sonic Heroes. Third born (or created) of the Chaotix, in 1994.

Knuckles has appeared in Sonic Underground in four epsiodes, and appeared in the japanese anime (TAKI Co, 1996) two episode series. He is also appearing in most episodes of Sonic X, the newest cartoon released.

Knuckles personality has been pretty turbulant in the Archie Comic universe. Fighting for the sake of justice against Robotnik as well as other evil characters such as Dimitri and the Dark Legion (Archie-created characters) has caused trouble for the Echidna more than once (as far as I know he even "died" once in the Archie comic, but was brought back to life...!), but also had some good times as he fell in love with another echidna called Julie-Su. Knuckles didn't play any greater role for the Chaotix, as they managed pretty well on their own. As for the Fleetway comic, Knuckles didn't have very much to do with the Chaotix either, as Sonic the hedgehog became the leader of the team.

You can click on any language link to hear Knuckles the Echidna and Amy Rose speaking Danish, Dutch, German, Swedish, or Norweigan. Soundclips taken from Sonic X, episode 3. The Norweigan and Dutch versions had the best voices, while Swedish is *pure horror* IMHO, but perhaps you'd like to have a listen and decide for yourself...? :) Or if you prefer to listen to Knuckles arguing with Rouge, click here. The language order in this clip is Swedish, Norweigan, Danish, German and finally Dutch. Sounds ultra-crazy...!!

Knuckles profile from Knuckles Chaotix:
Knuckles is the guardian of the island and of the Emerald Pillar that it conceals. When Dr. Robotnik invades the island, it's up to the echidna to set things right.

Knuckles profile from Sonic Heroes:
Knuckles the Echidna, Age 16
An egotistical locked Echidna from the Angel Island, and appointed guardian of the Master Emerald. Sonic may be a drifter, but Knuckles' home is firmly fixed in the mountains. Wild, tough, stubborn and inflexible, Knuckles sees himself as Sonic's rival, perhaps because of his own dreams of a free lifestyle. He's also known as a treasure hunter, and possesses martial arts skills.

Vector the Crocodile - Vector the Crocodile was the second character of the Chaotix to be created. He was supposed to appear in the Sound Test of Sonic 1 on Sega Genesis/Mega Drive, which never happened. His looks were, needless to say, slightly different, but the prototype surely tells it is him. Click here to see it yourself! The other characters on this picture never made it to the games.

Another fairly interesting thing regarding Vector, is that he has been set to be second in command of the Chaotix team in all universes, even though these universes have not had anything to do with each other. Vector has been the "boss" in Sonic Heroes, he was called "boss" in the Fleetway universe, and was the boss in the Archie universe as Knuckles left the team. Vector appeared in Knuckles Chaotix and Sonic Heroes.

Vector only appeared in one cartoon, the Sonic X universe, episode 39.

As mentioned above, Vector has been the boss in all comic universes, and he is acting with very much self confidence, a cool croc as he is. Jammin' to the music in his walkman, he takes things easy, although he is not afraid of turning a badnik into trash if needed. He has a great appetite for food and despises Julie-Su from the Archie universe completely.

If you'd like to hear Vector's voice, click here (Japanese) or here (French), here (Spanish), here (German), here (English) or here (Swedish) (mixed with Espio and Charmy). You could also click here to listen to their voices from Sonic Heroes.

Vector's profile from Knuckles Chaotix (English):
This cool croc loves the rush of running when he isn't jammin' with his friends, doing fancy footwork to the tunes on his headset, or investigating thew local food courts.

Vector's profile from Knuckles Chaotix (Japanese):
Age : 16
Hobbies: Music, dancing, basketball
Likes: Sports drinks
Dislikes: Noise
It is a cheerful and remarkable optimist imprudently. However, in fact, rather than whom, group consciousness is strong and has what forcibleness and tenderness which fight also difficult. Existence of God was believed, and the news of the island of a miracle were heard and it came to this island.

Vector's profile from Sonic Heroes:
Vector the Crocodile, Age 20
Outlaw detective and head honcho of the Chaotix Detective Agency. He can find peaceful solutions to problems, providing an aggresive method cannot be found. Despite this, he's the brains behind the detective operations. He'll do almost any kind of work providing the payment is right, but won't get involved with anything dirty. His charitable nature sometimes leads him to take unpaid work, such as finding lost toys for crying children. Vector can effortlessly defeat enemies by crunching them between his powerful jaws, a formidable weapon with a dazzling smile. His trademark is a set of headphones.

Espio the Chameleon - Espio is an agile character, with a somewhat harsh temper (you could often find him having an argument with Mighty the Armadillo about trivial things). Chameleon as he is, he could change colour to become more or less invisible. Espio appeared in Knuckles Chaotix, Sonic the Fighters and Sonic Heroes. Fourth, and last, to be born (or created) of the Chaotix members, for the Knuckles Chaotix game in 1995.

Espio only appeared in one cartoon, the Sonic X universe, episode 39.

Espio had a pretty "standard" role in both the Fleetway and Archie universe, with a somewhat tragic past with other chameleon friends in the Archie comic.

If you'd like to hear Espio's voice, click here (Japanese) or here (French), here (Spanish), here (German), here (English) or here (Swedish) (mixed with Vector and Charmy). You could also click here to listen to their voices from Sonic Heroes.

Espio's profile from Knuckles Chaotix (English):
This colorful chameleon values his freedom above all else, and after he was freed from Dr. Robotnik's Combi Machine, he decided he must stop the evil Doctor at all costs. He has hot temper and an intense drive in everything he does, and sometimes his friend Charmy Bee has to remind him of his manners. Espio is quick and strong, and his whirling attack is just the thing you need to get out of a tight spot.

Espio's profile from Knuckles Chaotix (Japanese):
Age: 17
Occupation: Private detective
Hobbies: Battle training, information gathering
Likes: Camping
Dislikes: Eggman
If it is only a sense of justice, it is very strong single-minded character. It gets interested in legendary civilization, and in order to investigate a relation with a floating island, it will visit on an island. Therefore, infact, the knuckle is envied.

Espio's profile from Sonic Heroes:
Espio the Chameleon, Age 16
Optionated and self obsessed chameleon at the Chaotix Detective Agency. He has a militaristic discipline despite being quiet and laidback, and thanks to extensive ninja training, he can face trouble head-on unconcerned by danger. His characteristics include a protruding horn, coiled tail, and a stealth camouflage trick that renders him invisible to enemy eyes allowing him to pass by unnoticed.

(Fairly interesting about the fact that Espio was a detective already back in those days. An indication about what would come next...?)

Mighty the Armadillo - As his name suggests, Mighty is the main strength in the Chaotix and played this role in all universes, except for Sonic Heroes, where he got replaced by Vector.

Mighty was, interesting enough, the first Chaotix member even to be born (or created), even earlier than Vector the Crocodile! As Sonic the Hedgehog was created, SEGA was considering several concepts of their new mascot, and eventually the option was either a hedgehog or an armadillo. And we already know who became the main mascot, don't we...? Although the Sonic-community never turned into a Mighty the Armadillo-community, Mighty was the first Chaotix member to appear in a videogame, as he appeared already in 1993 in SegaSonic Arcade and Knuckles Chaotix in 1995. He also made a guest appearance in Gale Rider for Sega Saturn. For screenshots, click here, here, here and here (Ray the Squirrel)

Mighty has not appeared in any cartoon. He did not appear in Sonic X as he had no part of Sonic Heroes and the Detective Agency.

Mighty has been the strength both in the Fleetway and Archie universe, and has acted lumberjack and main fighter in both universes. Friendly rival to Espio. In the Archie universe, he went on a solo adventure to find his old friend Ray the Squirrel (from SegaSonic Arcade) and in the Fleetway universe, he had some trouble to keep his half-crazed father, Blockhead Bill, under control.

If you'd like to hear Mighty's voice, click here (Japanese)

Mighty's profile from Knuckles Chaotix(English):
Mighty is just that. He's strong, smart and confident, and he can't stand weakness in anything. He's one of Knuckles' good friends, and is determinded to help save the island from Robotnik.

Mighty's profile from Knuckles Chaotix (Japanese):
Age: 16
Hobbies: Forest bathing
Likes: Peace, nature
Dislikes: Violence
The traveler who feels definite aim in life for traveling in every place. Although a drastic change and uncanny capability will be demonstrated if it stands on a plight, he does not like a rough thing but it is carrying out gently. It will arrive at this island by chance, and will be involved in a noise.

To tell the truth, It actually looks like Mighty is gone for good, as I heard a rumor online just the other day that the person who created Mighty, left Sega, and therefore took the copyrights with him. If this is true, I guess this means we have seen the last of the armadillo...

At first I thought the reason that Mighty did not appear in Sonic Heroes was of the reason of his similar features to Sonic the Hedgehog, but another explaination could also have been that he is a traveler, according to the Japanese storyline, and that he could have left the team again after the first Chaotix adventure. But such a trivial thing as the copyrights could also be the explaination...

Charmy Bee - Charmy has been the funny, silly character in most of universes, in the Fleetway he was a pain in the neck (he even got kicked out once), in Sonic Heroes he was a mascot. Charmy appeared in Knuckles Chaotix and Sonic Heroes. Charmy was the third character of the Chaotix to be born (or created), as he appeared for the first time in a Japanese comic in 1992, Shogaku Yonensei (fourth-grade student). This is a scanned picture of his first appearance. (Many thanks to Act Select and Green Gibbon for providing information about this). Charmy's first appearance in the videogames was Knuckles Chaotix in 1995, same time as Espio the Chameleon.

Charmy only appeared in one cartoon, the Sonic X universe, episode 39.

In the Fleetway universe, Charmy Bee was said to be a prince, and this idea was stolen by Archie and was used in the Archie universe. Charmy left the team and was more or less replaced by Julie-Su. In the Archie comic, Charmy even got married (!).

If you'd like to hear Charmy's voice, click here (Japanese) or here (French), here (Spanish), here (German), here (English) or here (Swedish) (mixed with Espio and Vector). You could also click here to listen to their voices from Sonic Heroes.

Charmy's profile from Knuckles Chaotix (English):
Surprisingly sophisticated for his 16 years, Charmy came to the island in search of new types of flowers, and found a ton of trouble. But he handles things in his usual quick,cool and charming way.

Charmy's profile from Knuckles Chaotix (Japanese):
Occupation: Sprinter
Hobbies: Napping
Likes: Sun, honey
Dislikes: Being made a fool of
He who exceeded acoustic velocity for the first time with the insect is character about which it will not have kept silent if pride is high and has itself denied. And speech and conduct have become it precocious by the remarkable moody person. The alleged name which has flown to a new island in quest of a new flower "the fastest insect in the world."

Charmy's profile from Sonic Heroes:
Charmy Bee, Age 6
This scatterbrained funny-kid likes nothing more than fooling around, making the remaining Chaotix staff look professional. Seen by the others as more of a cute mascot, he's generally good natured and light-hearted, but when he gets angry he tends to introduce the source of his anger to his stinging tail. Charmy is neither clever nor powerful, but excels in following hunches and uncovering hidden objects. He is also able to mysteriously warp between flowers. His flying helmet is his trademark.

(Since Charmy's age in Knuckles Chaotix is 16, one could believe that Knuckles Chaotix actually took place 10 years after Sonic Heroes, but such is not the case. Sonic Team did not create the original Knuckles Chaotix game, and 16 years was probably a little bit too much to be Charmy Bee, as his age now has been reduced for Sonic Heroes)

Except for these five members, there were two robots that joined the Chaotix course in the adventure on the 32X.

Heavy - Heavy works as Robotnik's chief mechanic. He's just as his name says - heavy - and he's slow.

Bomb - Bomb works as Robotnik's chief mechanic. He's not very quick or strong, and he blows up when things start looking bleak.

Other characters

Ray the (flying) Squirrel - is in many fan-works across the Internet treated like a very close friend of Mighty, like a sidekick or a little brother, very much of their appearance together in SegaSonic Arcade. In the Archie comic, Mighty went on a solo mission to find out whatever happened to Ray, believing he was dead. If you'd like to hear Ray's voice, click here (Japanese)

(Picture made by Jean François Thébé, hosted with permission)

In the Fleetway and Archie Comic, there have been characters that have had affection on the Chaotix.

In the Archie comic, the most suiting character should be Julie-Su. Julie-Su replaced Charmy Bee more or less in the Chaotix team in the Knuckles series, as Charmy Bee got married.

In the Fleetway comic universe, the most suiting character should be Omni-viewer. Although I have read countless of Fleetway issues, I haven't quite understood who or what omni-viewer is, but I could say at least that he is a friend of the Chaotix, who teleports them between various zones and provide them with important information. It appears as Omni-viewer is some sort of computer and/or teleport device.

Another interesting character to point out in the Fleetway universe would be Blockhead Bill, Mighty's half-crazed father. Blockhead Bill is an armadillo with a good heart like his son, but his confusion has dragged the Chaotix team into trouble more than once.

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