Chaotix in Sonic X

The Chaotix, with exception for Mighty the Armadillo has played their role in the Sonic X series as well, specielly in the 2nd season (episode 53 and onwards). In episode 39, where they appeared for the first time, they had their Detective Agency, and in the 2nd season they were crunning a café, helping Vanilla (Cream's mother) and Sonic & Co against their ultimate enemy in the second season, Dark Oak.

Before I go into detail about the episodes were the Chaotix appeared, I should tell the storyline very briefly. But before you read any further, you should be aware of that this page is filled with spoilers. If you haven't watched any of the Chaotix episodes, or don't want to know about it, read no further.

In the first 52 episodes, Sonic & Co were trying to gather all chaos emeralds to get back to their own world, while trying to prevent the evil plans of Dr. Eggman. Certain cross-overs with Sonic Adventure 1 & 2, Sonic heroes and Sonic Battle took place and eventually everybody returned home. As I began watching Sonic X, I found the first episodes quite interesting, but the futher the series got, the worse they got IMHO. There were a few amusing episodes, but having a whiny 12 year-year old kid hanging around, being most of a nuisance, wasn't entirely my cup of tea.

Unfortunately, the storyline and things overall got even worse in episode 53 and onwards. What basically happens is that Sonic and friends run into a girl called Cosmo from outer space, and they help her to prevent Metarex and Dark Oak, who is trying to conquer the entire galaxy. In order to stop them, they must gather all chaos emeralds and life-eggs (life-eggs are the main energy source to make planets to survive). So all they do is to travel from planet to planet and around in space doing battles, battles and even more battles. At the same time, they also try to prevent to let Dr Eggman to get his hands on the emeralds.

Except for episode 59 and 65, I have failed to enjoy any episode past 52 very much. There is absolutely nothing extraordinary about this 2nd season, as every episode is more or less the same, just in a different context. This silly kind of power-battle does, in my humble opinion, does not belong to the Sonic-universe at all.

Episode 39 - Chaotix Detective Service

This episode was more or less was a cross-over with the beginning of Sonic Heroes. The episode began with a short introduction of Vector, Espio and Charmy, with a few jokes and stuff. Charmy had bought the last series of the Sonic X DVD, but as the Chaotix didn't have any DVD Player, Espio sneaked into a videostore and stole (!) a DVD-player. They watched the DVD series and got a mission from a client - to find Cream the Rabbit who obviously had been kidnapped by Sonic & Co. The Chaotix went to Chris' house where they were spying around for a while. Unfortunately for them, they got detected (Espio's ninja technique failed) and Vector tried to solve the matter the hard way. Sonic appeared and cleared out the situation, and Cream was united with her mother, and thus, the mission was over. The Chaotix left again for another mission. All in all, the Chaotix only appeared for 12 minutes and 30 seconds in the episode.

The English version of the episode was slightly different to the original Japanese version, as the part with Espio sneaking into the videostore has been cut out. This was probably made in order to make the Japanese episode to fit into the American broadcast times, as each episode was cut about 1 1/2 minute to its original.

Further screenshots from the episode below:

This is probably one of the most bitter-sweet episodes of Sonic X. One ultra-cute rabbit is painful, two rabbits are dreadful! As they get reunited and tears are shred, it gets unbearable! Otherwise, the episode is of same quality as all other episodes, but this episode is more confusing that usual episodes, as you almost have to watch it twice to understand it completely. Therefore, I wouldn't rate this episode higher than 6.5 out of 10. It is not that bad, but could have been quite a lot better. It wasn't complete justice to the Chaotix, IMHO.

Episode 59 - Galactic Gumshoes

This episode is quite out of ordinary of the second season. It is very different to all other episodes, as Sonic & Co aren't fighting Metarex in this episode, but instead are having a "problematic" time with the Chaotix. In this episode, the Chaotix are hired by Cream's mother, Vanilla, to transport a load of stuff to Sonic, Cream and the others. After a funny and silly introduction with a few tricks, they go to Sonics spaceship.

Unfortunately, they run into a bit of problem as they reach the spaceship. Sonic and friends are mistaking the Chaotix to be the Metarex, so there are a lot of unfortunate fighting involved. The Chaotix gets beaten up, one by one.

After these unfortunate misunderstandings, the Chaotix deliver the supplies...

But once this is done, Vector insists on bringing Cream back to her mother, as she, according to Vector's opinion is too young. Espio and Charmy disagree about it, as this wasn't a part of their mission, but they eventually give in. After some talks (and kidnapping, accidently including Cosmo)...

...they run into Sonic and they aren't giving up Cream without another fight. But eventually she returns to Sonic, and the Chaotix goes back.

This is probably my favourite episode from the entire Sonic X. A clear 10 out of 10. Funny, silly, different. Very nice!!

Episode 65 - Mission Match-up

This episode was a bit different to the other episodes as well of the second season. In this episode the Chaotix dropped by Sonics again, and Vector decided that Cosmo and Tails would make a cute couple and insisted (similar to episode 57) to help them out to get closer to each other.

Their first attempt was to make Tails to "save" Cosmo from Knuckles, trying to make him look like a member of Metarex. The attempt was not too successful. Neither Cosmo nor Tails got impressed. Instead, they were wondering why Knuckles was wearing make-up and why he was doing ballet...

The second attempt was to put Tails and Cosmo together in darkness, during the preparation of a party. This attempt failed as well, as Vector and Espio accidently bumped into each other. The third attempt was the classic "handkerchief" trick. Unfortunately, the handkerchief said it belonged to Vector, making the situation rather embarrassing from the croc.

The fourth and final attempt was successful. Vector kicked a discoball in Cosmos direction, so that Tails had to save her...

...but Knuckles wasn't too cheerful afterwards...!

This episode is quite funny also. Not as good as episode 59, but very enjoyable even so. I rate this episode 8 out of 10.

Episode 71

In this episode, the Chaotix was running their bar on a planet... they had taken a turn into a new place in space, where they got stranded.

And later in the episode, Eggman is asking the Chaotix for help to track down Sonic. But, the Chaotix decline the offer, and tell Sonic about Eggman's plans. Sonic & friends tell the Chaotix that they are stuck on the planet, and that Metarex are waiting to strike them down as soon as they would leave the planet. Vector is sent to buy some supplies...

...and at the end of the episode, Eggman changes his mind, more or less, and help Sonic to escape, as he wants to be the one to defeat Sonic, instead of Metarex. Together, they set up a decoy, while Sonic & friends escape.

This is an average/poor episode on the second series of Sonic X. There is hardly anything unique about it, except for the fact that it indeed contains the Chaotix. The story isn't very well-thought of in particular, and it isn't very funny either, so...4 points out of 10.

Episode 75

In this episode, the Chaotix were helping Sonic & Co to free Dr. Eggman who had been captured by Metarex, and Shadow was helping out also. The Chaotix didn't play the main role in this episode.

Episode 76

In this episode, the Chaotix were helping Sonic & Co in the battle against Dark Oak.

Episode 77

The battle continues directly in this episode, but the Chaotix didn't play any important role in this episode. They were just background characters this time.

Episode 78

This episode was basically the epilogue, as Dark Oak was defeated, and Chris returned home again. The Chaotix didn't play any important role in this episode either, but were invited for some cake with Vanilla, and later on, Vector had a walk alone with Vanilla. The beginning of a new romance, perhaps...?

As terrible as it may sound, these scenes with Vanilla were cut out of the English versions of Sonic X, and were only aired in the French and Japanese versions. The best scenes of the series, and they are cut out...what can I say?

Is this the end...? Time will tell...

So far, all 78 episodes of Sonic X have been dubbed into French, Japanese and English, and the first 52 episodes into Spanish and Portugese. Except for those languages, the first 39 episodes have also been dubbed into German, Dutch, Danish, Swedish and Norweigan. These european languages are currently being broadcasted on Jetix (FoxKids) channel. The European Episodes 1-27 have been released on DVD, screenshots from the covers below:

The series with episode 39 was broadcasted on American TV in September 2004, and was broadcasted in the UK in January 2005. The 39th epsiode is available along with other episodes on Japanese DVDs (as Japan uses PAL 2 format as in Europe), episode 39 appear on Part 2 of the series, and the scanned covers on the bottom of this page are taken from this part, so that you know for sure which one to keep your eyes open for. They could easily be bought over Ebay. As far as I know, no episodes past 52 have yet been released on DVD. The European DVDs are in general cheaper and contain more episodes than the American DVDs, but if you buy any of these, be sure that your DVD could play it. And...beware of the horrible translation! The translators have not even heard of Sonic the Hedgehog, which makes a lot of obvious translation mistakes...why else who anyone call Tails "Dillus"...?

The names of the Chaotix members were no exception. These are the Chaotix "engrish" names:

Knuckles = Nacruze
Charmy = Karmy
Vector the Crocodile = Beta Sa Cruty
Espio the Chameleon = Ais Bill Sa Camero

Laugh or cry? You decide...but it was funny anyways...

The Japanese voices of Charmy, Espio and Vector are similar enough to the English version of Sonic Heroes - Charmy's voice is extremely squeeky and annoying, Espio's voice is mysterious (same voice as Knuckles) while Vector sounds overall rough. :) Why not have a listen to the voices yourself...? Click here (Japanese) to listen. Or, click here (French), here (Spanish), here (German), here (English) or here (Swedish) (any mp3-file could be downloaded by right-clicking and selecting "Save as..." to your harddrive). As soon as any other language reaches episode 39, I will sample the Chaotix in those languages also.

While we are at it, why not listen to Knuckles the Echidna and Amy Rose speaking Danish, Dutch, German, Swedish, or Norweigan?! Click on any language link to listen. The Norweigan and Dutch dubbing voices are the best, IMHO, while the Swedish dubbing for example, is *pure horror*. Have a listen and decide for yourself... ;)
Or if you prefer to listen to Knuckles arguing with Rouge, click here. The language order in this clip is Swedish, Norweigan, Danish, German and finally Dutch. Sounds ultra-crazy...!!

Knuckles: Sonic is such a show-off...Let go! I want to fight too!
Rouge: Don't order me around! I'm in charge of this operation, you follow my instructions!
Knuckles: Yeah? It is because of you that are trapped in here!!
Rouge: You are such a cutie when you are angry...
Topaz: We have to get out of here now!!!

My sound equipment is not that great, so you may have to make the sound a bit louder as you play the clips.

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The high-quality screenshots from episode 39 (without any number in the corner) were created by Team Artail. All other screenshots were taken by myself.