Forces of Mobius

The final RPG chapter!!

Final edition available! Release date: July 23rd, 2021 (fixed on August 14th)
Available HERE (820Mb)

If you downloaded the game between July 23rd and August 14th 2021, there is a bug in the "bonus chapter" (which you access by getting "good ending" to the game) that if triggered, locks you from finishing the bonus chapter. The bug has been fixed in this edition from August 14th, but it is possible to bypass the bug even if you play version from between July 23rd - August 14th. To make it simple, and spoiler free, when your second team-mate joins you in the bonus chapter, and you are ordered to leave, do not return to the area where you started (and whatever you do, don't save the game!), but venture through the area where you are supposed to go, directly, without returning between. This is managable. My sincerely apologies for this inconvenience.

If you already are soft-locked, by saving the game, there is *still* one way out. Send me an email and I'll help you out.

The final edition of Forces of Mobius has been created!! I already released an improved version in 2019, based on some feedback I got, that the use of Second Life-graphics was a bad idea, among other things, so, I listened to the critisism and created a new version of the game, and added even more to it! Namely...

* All Second Life-graphics are removed and are replaced by drawn art.
* Improved battle system - Additional graphic animations, and 20% less enemies, giving 20% more exp and gold and increased dropping rates
* One bonus chapter - Unlock the "Dark Side" of the story by getting the good ending (And thus, one more ending available!)
* More optional sidequests and bosses
* New cosmetic effects - Day/Night cycle and more randomized weather
* And much more!!

But now...

Yet another edition is available, the final 2021 edition!! This version contains:
* Six new playable characters, Tails, and Blaze the Cat being two of them (Who are the other four...?)
* More dungeons, and an extra side-splot
* Several new cutscenes
* Improved and extended endings

The previous two editions are still available, but I highly recommend the newest edition, as this edition is "canon" of the game. You may chose between the FINAL EDITION 2021 (820 mb), or the 2019 EDITION (700 mb) and the ORIGINAL EDITION (650 Mb).. Just run the exe file and select where on the hard drive you want the game installed. Note that while the game installs, there might be a pause for a minute or two, saying the program is not responding. If this happens, do not panic, and do not hit cancel. The game is still setting up and will respond in just a moment. From the folder "tmremake" which is created, use game.exe to start the game. This is the third and probably final chapter in the RPG triology! "Forces of Mobius" takes place 7 years after Twisted Mettle, and Sally's kingdom is in great danger once again, and things must be set right, once again...

Will you be able to gather the 50 heroes once again and restore peace and freedom to Mobius once and for all? There are 5 different endings possible, depending on your actions and decisions...!

A walkthrough to the game, containing complete information about all locations, items, bosses, heroes etc is written, but it hasn't been uploaded online because I don't want you all to get through too easy. However, by sending me an e-mail, I will send the walkthrough to over you. :) If you already got the good ending in the previous edition, and either don't feel like playing through the entire the game again, or simply want to breeze through with super-ease, and enjoy the new stuff, there are cheat options to jump directly to the bonus chapter, or to start the game with max money, items, levels and status. Again, if you want to know how to trigger this cheat, just let me know.

If you are unsure which version to get, look at the screenshots below. Four iamges from the newest edition is ontop of the page, two row below displaying the original edition and the 2019 edition. And if you still are unsure if the game is worth your time at all, feel free to check out a video I made for this edition, on youtube, available here. (based on the 2019 edition)

If you have any further questions or comments, please send me an e-mail!