Knuckles Chaotix Fan Fiction

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(Authors are listed in alphabetic order)

By Elliot Busswell

Calm Chaotix
The story is basically Charmy has gone to a sleepover and while the bee is away the others will pay a call from Amy leads the Chaotix searching for a missing two tailed fox but will they accomplish this mission with one member away? Rating: PG-13 for some mild violence and mild launguage.

By JudasFm

Guardian's Choice
Rating: PG-13 for content and occasional mild swearing
Summary: Injured and alone in a strange world, Knuckles is nursed back to health by a young girl. When he discovers her disturbing secret, honour demandshe help her in return, but honour also demands he go back to his duty on Angel Island. How can he choose, and why is Shadow so determined to use the Chaotix to get hold of this human?

By K.M. Hollar and Jared Spurbeck (E-mail)

Mercury Inferno Rising, Part 1
Mercury Inferno Rising, Part 2
Rating: G to PG for some violence
Summary: A Sonic Heroes adapt. A routine trip to the human colonies end in disaster when Team Dark kidnaps Sonic for their own nefrarious purposes. Sally enlists the Chaotix to help track down Sonic, but the Chaotix are soon up to their ears with a mysterious client who is having them collect some very strange materials. And what is Metal Sonic up to in the background?

By Leanne Lynas

I have to be with you
A story taking place ten years in the future. Charmy has gone to college, and Espio is about to become a father. Lots of love and relationships involved. Rated PG-13 for violence and hard language.

By Masq Raccoon

Catalyst of Chaos, part 1
Catalyst of Chaos, part 2
Trouble finds Mighty while he's walking in the woods one day. A little bundle of chaos and sweetness from a Tanuki tribe... from space? The real question is, who isn't after her? Rating: PG at worst, though some kids might not understand it. I tried to make it an easy read.

By Michelle the Wolf

When a wolf meets a ninja
In this story we get to know how Michelle the Wolf and Espio the Chameleon got to know each other for the first time. A very sweet, and romantic story.

By Mist the Hedgechidna

Turn to the Armadillo
Unfinished story about Amy Rose...she can't quite seem to win Sonic's heart...but there seem to be another heart for her to win instead...guess who!! A really cute story, and picture related to the story is available here.

By NetRaptor

True Colors
A mysterious kid shows up on the Floating Island and claims Knuckles's protection, but Knuckles doesn't find out what he's protecting the kid from until later. (Comic of this story available at NetRaptors Homepage.

No Echidna is an Island
Knuckles and Zephyer are married and would like to adopt Talon. So they enlist the help of the Chaotix in tracking down Talon's elusive uncle ... but adoption isn't as straightforward as all that. And neither is Talon's uncle.

By Opal the Rabbit

Poem and Song for the Chaotix
This document is a very sweet poem about the Chaotix, as well as a re-written version of the Chaotix-theme of Sonic Heroes. Very nice!

By Sarah Niazi

Espio and Michelle
A very short, and somewhat very very cute story about Michelle the wolf getting kidnapped. Will Espio save the day?

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