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* Sweden is 6-9 hours ahead of USA. This means that if I do updates just past midnight, it is a new date over here, while it is the "old date" in the USA. This explains things if I made a "future update".

July 23rd, 2021

Forces of Mobius, is back for a final time!! Several new cutscenes, improved and extended endings, more dungeons, a new side-plot and six new playable characters, Tails and Blaze the Cat being two of them - who are the other four...?

April 20th, 2020

Today really is a day for celebration, as today, on April 20th, 2020, it is exactly 25 years since Knuckles Chaotix was originally released in Japan! And to celebrate this, I have the very final edition of Twisted Mettle completed, with updated graphics, cut-scenes, even more quest-rewards, and other stuff, completed. Click here to give it a look! Screenshots from the newset version below, and there is a lot more to discover!

January 9th, 2020

And now...Twisted Mettle is back!! Just like Chaotix of Tomorrow, I have released a new edition where I fixed all the things that bugged me in the previous edition, having a better text font, and reducing the enemy encounter by 20%, having this compensated with 20% more gold and EXP (this game already had less encounters than CoT, but I was still not happy about it), improved sidequests, and easier to recruit all 50 heroes, without any risk of getting soft-locked before you recieve a warning that you can't recruit more heores. Feel free to check out the new version here.

And I also announce that yet another version of the game is coming later in spring!! This version will contain all the changes of this edition, plus updated graphics, and 13 of the fan-heroes will be replaced by canons. Who these canons are? That's a secret. Stay tuned for more updates!! :)

December 25th, 2019

Chaotix of Tomorrow is back!! I have released a new edition where I fixed all the things that bugged me in the previous edition, by removing almost all the voice acting, havinng a better text font, and reducing the enemy encounter by 35%, having this compensated with 35% more gold and EXP. Feel free to check out the new version here. :)

July 17th, 2019

Today it is exactly one year since Sonic Mania Plus was released, with the comeback of Mighty the Armadillo and Ray the Flying Squirrel! And I celebrate this, with a new release of Forces of Mobius, with tons of new graphics, battle system upgrades, new sidequests and bosses, a secret bonus chapter (Play the "Dark Side" of the story!) and much more. Feel free to check it out!! And if you want to check a video from this edition, click here :)

December 18th, 2018

Yes, I am alive and healthy. And I'm working on a Chaotix-realted project, but I don't want to reveal quite yet what it is, as I want to progress a little further before I make it official. Meanwhile, feel free to check out a video I made on youtube, a brief history of Mighty the Armadillo & Ray the Flying Squirrel. :)

It apepars as I have gotten some emails, but for some reason I don't seem to be able to reply to them for some reason. If you have tried emailing me, please don't think that I'm ignoring you, becasue I'm taking all mails very seriously, and I always reply as soon as I can to them. If you have sent me anything, but haven't gotten any reply, please check your spam-folder that it didn't get stuck somewhere, and try mailing me again, or as an alternative, try mailing me from another address. But again, I *never* ignore any emails sent to me. Thank you all for your support!

September 22nd, 2017

Forces of Mobius, the next, and probably final chapter in the RPG triology is completed!! That's right folks, that's what I've been working on the last two years! This game takes palce 7 years after Twisted Mettle, and Sally's kingdom is in peril once again...and of course, it means that all the Chaotix members are returning once again!! Again, thought I was gone for good? No such luck... ;)

May 16th, 2016

Just a quick note to tell everyone that Im still alive, and that I'm working on another major Chaotix-related project. I hope to reveal what it is about soon, but I want to continue just a little bit further on it, before I do. :)

April 20th, 2015

I'm back!! After more than over 4 years of absence, I'm finally returning to my homepage with a new update. Thought I was gone for good? No such luck. ;) Today is really an importat day, both because of the Chaotix universe itself, as well as for this homepage. I first need to point out that on this very day, it is exactly 20 years since Knuckles Chaotix on the 32X was released in Japan!! Congratulations guys!! And to celebrate this, I have also moved my page back to knuckleschaotix.net from knuckleschaotix.info, where my page used to be in the past. The reason for this change is that I have better control of my page here, and also for the reason that I wanted to bring back the page where it once was before I got problems with my Internet provider many years ago (read below). I did some clean-up on the page - the Chaotix Second Life page was removed, and so was the Chaotix board (since it didnt work anymore), and some other stuff was removed to make the menu easier to navigate through.

January 22nd, 2011

Some new screenshots with Vector added for Sonic Cronicles in the Games section, as well as another for Sonic Gems Collection. Again, thanks to Jacob Copeland for the help!

January 12th, 2011

Two new images in the Games section, confirming that Espio and Charmy do appear in Mario and Sonic at the Winter Olympics, as referees. Thanks to Jacob Copeland for confirming this!

January 11th, 2011

Huge update!! And well needed...

* The mp3s from Sonic the Fighters, and Knuckles Chaotix are back in the Music section.
* Big update in the Games section, with screenshots, updating the games featuring the Chaotix up-to-date!
* The Chaotix Second life was completely remade with new information and screenshots. The previous information was completely out of date.
* Broken links were removed, and general "polishing" done in various sections.

Everything should be up-to-date by now. If you find any errors, please let me know. Thanks!!

January 7th, 2011

This may be even harder to believe, but I'm back!! And I'm actually planning some updates up ahead! For now, I have ripped all music themes from SegaSonic the hedgehog Arcade, and you can listen to all the musics as mp3 in the Music section! Enjoy!

April 12th, 2009

It may be hard to believe, but I actually still am alive. But to be completely honest, I don't think there will be many more updates to this page, unless anything revolutionary happens to the Chaotix universe. Still, this page will remain active as a gallery, with information and downloads related to the Chaotix. I have absolutely no intention of shutting this page down, and if you want to get in touch with me, I'll still reply right away, even though it may seem from my page that I'm very far away. ;)

Because of an error in Twisted Mettle, a new version of the game is released and uploaded to the page. There was a problem regarding the tax/sleeping system in the game, and this has been taken care of now. If you are running the previous version, and have gotten this problem, send me an email and I'll guide you through this problem. Sorry about the trouble it may have caused.

November 25th, 2008

Twisted Mettle is finished!! What happened after Chaotix of Tomorrow? Play the game to find out...!

September 30th, 2008

I'm just confirming that Vector and Espio are appearing in Sonic Cronicles. Further information and screenshots are to come.

September 29th, 2008

New section on the page: Chaotix goes Second life. Check it out!!

September 26th, 2008

Mikah Acord has extended his comic of Chaotix of Tomorrow in the Fan Chaotix comics section, with another four pages, and we also have 9 new images in the Chaotix Fan Art section.

I'm looking for voice cast of Sally Acorn in my game Twisted Mettle!! Badly!! If you think you got what it takes, please email me and let me know!!

June 11th, 2008

The beginning of a new comic is available in the Fan Chaotix comics section, Chaotix of Tomorrow - the Comic, drawn by Mikah Acord. More is to come! Also, some important notes about Chaotix appearances in a few previous games, information submitted by Redblaze, many thanks!! Still no news regarding Sonic Chronicles if the Chaotix appears in that game or not.

Also, I'm looking for voice casts of Sally Acorn, Bunnie Rabbot, and Antoine in my game Twisted Mettle! If you think you got what it takes, please email me and let me know!!

April 28th, 2008

Three new pics in the Chaotix Fan Art section, and some screenshots of Espio and Vector in Sonic Rivals resp. Mario & Sonic at the Olympics in the Games section.

April 26th, 2008 - I'm back!!

Thought I was gone for good? No such luck. :) but actually I have recieved a few emails from people asking me if my page died or not...I admit that I haven't been updating it as much as I should, but I have had my reasons. One reason is that I've been working very hard in RL (more than overtime), and another reason is that I have been working hard on Twisted Mettle, the sequal to Chaotix of Tomorrow! Yep, another game is coming, and I'm right now about 80-85% done with it, so this game will be finished for certain, hopefully on November 28th this year, as this is my birthday. go to the page to read more about it!!

Except for that, I have also updated the Chaotix Fan Art gallery with another 32 images, and given a slightly different lay-out. The art is still uploaded in chronologic order, but now I have split the page into five pages, one for each year since 2004, to make it easier to look at the gallery, and also to find what's new. if you for example download all new art today, and do it again in, let's say, two months later 8just an example), you will much easier see what's new.

A little more information added on Mario & Sonic at the Olympics and Sonic Rivals 2 in the Games section with a small video from Sonic Rivals 2 (thanks to Rugalb95 for providing me with this video).

Except for this, I also got an award (added to the index page), and on Easter Day, knuckleschaotix.info was awful link of the day at www.somethingawful.com (again, thanks to Rugalb95 for informing me about this). I'm not entirely sure wether this was an honour or not, as they are in general making fun of bad pages online, but they barely had any critisism about this page itself, more about Sonic pages in general. In any case, I don't take it very seriously, it actually was kinda funny. interesting, nevertheless.

Have fun, everyone! And I still have a few emails to reply to. If you have sent me any emails, and haven't recived any reply this weekend, please email me back again, and I'll reply right away. Thank you.

September 27th, 2007 - Vector returns as well!

It has been confirmed that Vector will be playable in "Mario and Sonic at the Olympics", as a "power" player. No sign of Mighty, of course. Screenshot below:

September 20th, 2007 - Espio (again) and Charmy returns (somewhat)!!

It has been confirmed that Espio and Charmy will appear in "Mario and Sonic at the Olympics", but they will be non-playing character, referees in the background. And here are some screnshots of that.

Wether Vector or Mighty will appear in the game is not yet known, however I believe this to be very unlikely.

Also, when you thought you'd heard it all...the Chaotix speaking Swedish!! What happens next...?

August 3rd, 2007 - Espio returns!

It has been confirmed that Espio will return for Sonic Rivals 2 for PSP, but what his role will be like, or if there will be any other Chaotix-related characters in the game (which is unlikely), is not yet known. I will update as soon as I get more info about it. A screenshot is available in the Games section.

And this is some other new stuff for my page for now...
* 7 new images in the fan-art section.
* 2 new completed comics by Felip "Yuski" Marcantonio in the Fan Chaotix comics section, as well as a video related to his comics. Be sure to give it a look, and give a good laugh!!

June 6th, 2007

I guess I owe you all another apology. Almost two months without any updates! Some people have asked about it, some have been very understanding, while some people, unfortunately, have been less understanding. I have been crazy busy in real life, which always has priority, with tons of work piling up, but things will probably calm down a little from now on...

So here are the updates:
* 16 new images in the fan-art section.
* 1 new fan video in the video section.
* Tigerfog's first issue in the Fan Chaotix comics section has (hopefully) been fixed. I got some emails about that the file was corrupt. I hope it is working now. If not, please let me know!

April 13th, 2007

Egad!! More than a month passed, without any updates!! I have been very busy in RL, and also had some crisis (too personal to talk about here), so I have been forced to reject my page a little bit. But now I'm back again, and with 21 new images in the fan-art section, by a bunch of new artists, all of you are very welcome, and thank you so much for your support! :) 4 images were removed by various artists that did not want their art to remain on my page any longer. Thank you too, and good luck in the future. :)

March 4th, 2007

A new Chaotix comic added, by Tigerfog, "Chaotix Symdrome", three issues, over 60 pages! Go to the Fan Chaotix comics section, and download it for plenty of laughters!!

February 20th, 2007

6 new images in the fan-art section and another complete Chaotix comic in the Fan Chaotix comics section, made by Mari Limmy, be sure to give it look, it will make you laugh for certain!!

Hang on, this update looks almost exactly as the one I made on January 23rd...oh well. ;)

January 23rd, 2007

5 new images in the fan-art section and another complete Chaotix comic in the Fan Chaotix comics section, made by Felipe Marcantonio, be sure to give it look, it will make you laugh for certain!!

January 4th, 2007

Another year has begun, and life is quite back to normal. My GF has gone back home after visiting me for two weeks, and I feel rather lonely right now. But life continues, and now my page has passed over 400.000 visitors, and 500 images in the fan-art section!! And another chapter added in the Fan Fiction section.

I did not win the award at Sonic Stadium, but Im not dissapointed. I didnt expect to win.

And I also want to thank Chibi-jen-hen for this wonderful pic she made for me. Love you, sister! *hugs*

December 6th, 2006

Back in 2005, this page won the "Worth it" award, from Sonic Stadium, and this year my page is nominated in another category, "Information Station" (the first category). Highly unlikely that I would win, as I have checked the other pages, but...I guess stranger things have happened. So if you enjoy my page, feel free to go here: here and cast your vote for my page, before December 15th. Thanks for your support!

November 29th, 2006

My birthday passed by...another year older, but I certainly don't have aging complex, so don't worry about me. I got some nice birthday pictures, by Aqua111 and Sam. Thank you! Also, another 3 images uploaded in the Fan Art section.

As I come to think of it, could it be that I actually am the oldest person on Intenet to run a homepage related to Sonic the hedgehog alone? Or do you know of anyone else? I got my first piece of Sonic-stuff published online in 1996 (what, 10 years already?!) and I'm 28 years old today. Is there anyone older out there...? If there is, please let me know who it is! The only other active person that I can think of that have been online equally as long as I have, would be Dawn best.

November 26th, 2006 - The Copyright rumor about Mighty was a hoax!! Evidence at last!!

Finally, after almost three years of rumors online, it has finally been confirmed that the rumor suggesting that Sega lost the copyrights of Mighty the Armadillo (and Ray the Squirrel) when Manabu Kusunoki (their creator) left Sega, has been a hoax. And the evidence is available on this page:


The page is in Japanese, but through Babelfish, there is a very interesting note regarding Mighty the Armadillo, as he finished 10th in a poll of characters to return to the games:

"Mighty. Chaotix being just he without being to re-appearing already pitiful the...may be hugely....
Making him revive, we would like to have reopening the impression of Chaotix, is! !

The translation is not perfect, but it would suggest that Mighty could make a return to the games, and that alone makes the copyright rumor invalid. I thank Rugalb98 for this piece of information, it helped a lot to get the truth at last. Speaking of him, another of his pics, as well as one from Danfield in the Fan Art section. Who will catch no. 500...?

November 24th, 2006

Once again, another 9 images uploaded in the Fan Art section, carrying 490 images by now...only 10 left to 500! And a new piece of Fan Fiction, written by Masq Raccoon. Click here to go directly to the story, it is a very interesting one!

Also, some people have asked me about what I look like in reality...sure, I got nothing to hide. Click here to find out.

October 27th, 2006

Yet another 9 images uploaded in the Fan Art section, carrying 480 images by now...only 18 left to 500!

October 26th, 2006

Another 8 images uploaded in the Fan Art section, carrying 473 images by now...only 27 left to 500!

October 25th, 2006

Gigantic upload in the Fan Art section!! No less than 175 new images!! Far too many new artists to mention here, but you are all very welcome, old and new ones!! Thank you all so very very much for letting me host your art, you are all great!!

October 19th, 2006

A new version of Chaotix of Tomorrow is uploaded to the page, but the upgraded version is not very much special...just a few details improved from the previous version, mainly in the storyline, and one or two cutscenes added. Screenshot below:

Saved files from the previous version of CoT work perfectly fine with this version, so no need to play the game all over from scratch again, if youd like to check this version out. ;) But then again, not too much has been changed, so if you already downloaded the previous version already, it is hardly worth to download this newer version. But I'll let you decide. ;)

October 14th, 2006

Lots of updates are planned ahead! And I feel that's needed, because I feel that I have been rejecting my homepage quite a lot during the last few weeks, as Ive been quite busy in RL. But first of all, a new comic in the Fan Chaotix comics section, by Jayfoxfire, thank you very much, it sure gave me a good laugh (Stop reading, and go check it out)! And then, I have changed layout in the Fan Art section - all comments are removed, and are replaced by thumbnails. I felt that it would be better for the art to speak for itself, as a picture says more than 1000 words. Also, it makes it easier for you to know in advance wether it is worth downloading the full-sized picture or not. The thumbanils are not perfectly made, as I don't have any such program, but I believe this system is better. If you spot any errors, please report them to me. Thank you.

Huge fan-art uploads coming soon!! Stay tuned!!

September 27th, 2006

When will I ever learn? Once again, more than a month without any updates, but with risk to repeat myself, my page is not dead. I have just been very busy in RL, and there has actually not been very much new stuff to upload to the page. But here we go, 9 new images by Michelle The Wolf, Rugalb98, Felipe Marcantonio, and Jlcthemouse, new artist, welcome aboard!!. A few new affiliates have been added in the links section and the guestbook has been updated.

I was informed that some of the comicfiles, Sonic25.zip, Amy04.zip and tix01.zip were broken, so they are repaired now. If they still aren't working, please send me an email and I shall check upon the matter again. My policy is to have every single link working perfectly at my page, and it bugs me terribly when I can't keep that promise...

And...I said that I never would make any further improvements to Chaotix of Tomorrow, but a friend of mine told me about something obvious (I can't believe I didn't hink of it myself!) my game is lacking, something I simply must add. So the next version will be available by this weekend I believe, if nothing goes wrong. I won't go into detail about it, but all I say is that a new character from the Sonic universe will appear in the game...Stay tuned...

August 20th, 2006

I really must apologize another time for the lack of updates. Yet again, I broke my promise to update the page at least once a month. I don't have any good excuses, only explainations. My GF from Germany has been visiting me for the last month, I have been busy with my work, and I also lost my aunt...everything just came together. But now I hope things will return to normal again. I have absolutely no plans of shutting down this domain, so don't worry about that. I have been a bit slow about replying to emails, but if you have written me recently and haven't recieved any reply before the weekend is over, please email me back again, and I'll reply immediately.

So what's new? Well, first of all two new flashes by Roger van de Weide in the video section, Sonic Triple Madness 1 and 2. It appears as the previous version I had of Triple Madness 1 was incomplete, so I have changed this version now, so feel free to give them both a look. :) Next, we have five more pictures uploaded by Michelle The Wolf, Maximiliano Guillermo Martinez Morales, Adrian podkoscielny, and Joshua Hieser. Another affiliate and update in the links section. And finally, I also emptied my guestbook.

And then, some important Chaotix news:

The images above are brand new Chaotix images from Sonic Team, which IMHO is an indication that the Chaotix may return in any of the next upcoming Sonicgames. Who knows? I dare to give the Chaotix a 60% chance for that. But of course, I could be wrong...time will tell...

July 9th, 2006

ERGH! Over a month has passed, without any updates! I'm really sorry about that, I really should have updated sooner. But I felt that I had to take a time-out from about everything for a while, as I have had a lot of things to do in real life. But the page is certainly not dead...9 new images uploaded today, by Michelle The Wolf, Sam, Josh, Jared Groeneveld, Titansknux, and Chibi-jen-hen, thank you all!
Some people may not like this, but I'm not interested in posting any new fan fiction to my page. Please accept that. Thank you.

June 6th, 2006

I want to thank all visitors and for all kind emails I have gotten recently, and I apologize for not replying right away to everybody, as I have been a bit busy the last days. But now, knuckleschaotix.info has passed a quarter of a million, 250.000 visitors!! I never thought the page would grow like this as I started the page almost two years ago...

So to celebrate that, several new uploads. First of all, we have a new comic by Felipe Marcantonio in the Fan Chaotix comics section, and a sprite comic done by Venom. And then we also have 6 new images in the Fan Art section by Felipe Marcantonio and Team Purity. And finally, I also emptied my guestbook. I didn't realize it was filled, and that it wouldn't accept new entries (50 posts is maximum), so I have emptied it, and moved the previous posts into separate pages. So, feel free to sign it, if you want. :)


May 27th, 2006

I'm very embarrassed to admit this, but I realised that I forgot to upload any information about episode 71 from Sonic X, in which the Chaotix appeared. Shame on me! But now, this information, with screenshots, have been added to the Sonic X section, so feel free to give it a look. And then we have two new stories in the Fan Fiction section, written by Michelle the Wolf and Sarah Niazi. And finally, another two images in the Fan Art section by Team Purity.

And some other news...knuckleschaotix.net will expire on June 10th, 2006!! No, don't panic now, you are at knuckleschaotix.info right now, and this page is certainly not going down. It is just the previous domain I had earlier that will shut down, so make sure to keep your bookmarks updated. I was planning to extend that domain for another year, to make sure that all visitors would have enough time to find the .info domain, but unfortunately, my other (good-for-nothing) Internet domain provider is demanding much more money that I expected to extend that domain, and poor student as I am without a proper income, I need to cut down somewhere. So I'm afraid I need to do it there. Just so you know.

May 20th, 2006

Fighting against computer problems, against Internet domain providers and other obstacles...The new version of Chaotix of Tomorrow is released at last!! Nuff said? Have fun!!

May 13th, 2006

Right, there we go! First of all, two more comic pages by Dawn Best in the Fan Chaotix comics section. Her comic is now completed, and it is available as a zip-file in that section. Then we have 5 new pictures, by Venom and Zachary (new artists, welcome), and Tazia Hall and Michelle The Wolf in the Fan Art section. Then we continue on with 4 new movies in the Video section, one by Jared Groeneveld and three movies by Manic Man, a complete adventure of Mighty and Ray. Thank you so much!! Check them out, the movies are really cool! One story added to the Fan Fiction section, by Elliot Busswell, thank you. And another affiliate and update in the links section.

Things seem to be back to normal at last... :)

May 11th, 2006 - knuckleschaotix.info - everything is back to normal!!

Whew!! Two and a half day of programming and testing, and now the page is back at last, at its new location, www.knuckleschaotix.info. Update your bookmarks! :) This is the second time I'm moving because of a conflict between me and my internet provider. The first time was because I was hosting zip- and mp3-files, which obviously wasn't allowed, and the second time was because of too heavy traffic. But now I have signed up with Yahoo (paid account), and have checked that none of these problems will take place on this domain, as far as I know...

So, this means that all files, all comics, all pictures, all music-files, everything is back online! But it really took a long time to test every link, and I may very well have missed a link or two. So if you would find any link that seem to be broken, please mail me back, and I'll take care of immediately!!

I want to thank everybody for their support, all kind emails I have gotten from everybody offering me help. It seems as I managed to solve everything on my own, but it sure took a long time (and I had to pay extra to solve this mess (ouch!)). During this last month, I have recieved plenty of stuff, artwork, flashes and other things, which I will upload ASAP. Chaotix of Tomorrow will be released on May 20th, and I really really hope this date will be final.

And I'm getting closer to 250.000 visitors. Almost a quarter of a million!! I didn't expect the page would grow like this, once I started it in August 2004. But I'm delighted that people obviously are enjoying the page. Feel free to give me your comments in my Guestbook.

More updates coming soon, stay tuned!! And again, thank you all!! *hugs*

May 10th, 2006 - knuckleschaotix.info under construction

Constructing knuckleschaotix.info. All files haven't been uploaded yet. Page will open officially tomorrow on May 11th.

May 8th, 2006 - problems almost solved/changing domain name

Things are moving ahead now! I have gotten a brand new domain registrated through Yahoo, but the adress is pending, and it will take up to 72 hours before the page is completely active. So, of that reason, I'm not displaying the new location of this page quite yet...

However, I am reconstructing my page at this new domain meanwhile, so if everything works fine, everything will be completely restored back to normal by the end of this week. Once everything is restored, you will be automatically directed to that domain by simply visiting my page here, so you have nothing to worry about - just keep visitng my page as usual, and you'll get there. :)

While I had all this trouble, I want to thank everyone for all the support I got. I got several mails from people supporting me, wishing all the best, and also offering me to lend space for larger files, but as the situation looks right now, this won't be needed. But I want to keep anything under consideration til I know for sure that my new homepage will work perfectly.

The conflict between me and my current domain Internet domain provider is continuing. Now they are refusing me to send a new bill for me to extend my contract, so there is a risk that knuckleschaotix.net will be terminated on may 27th!!. This alone is no disaster, as my new domain will up and running by then. But perhaps a visitor or two will wonder what happened to this page at the same time. Oh well, I shall try to solve everything as smoothly as possible.

Thank you all for your support!!

To be continued...

April 27th, 2006 - knuckleschaotix.net is moving!! Please read!!

Forget what I wrote yesterday...things messed up yet another time with my Internet provider, and now my patience is up!! I will, by 95% chance terminate my current account with my Internet domain provider and build up the page again from scratch through another Internet domain provider. I think I will pick yahoo, as I have checked through how much material I am allowed to host, and how high the traffic is allowed to be. It is slightly more expensive, but suits me perfectly, and will guaranteed solve all problems with hosting the files here.

I do not know where exactly this new page will be located, and I can't say exactly when this mess will be solved. But a fair guess would be that everything is solved in around three weeks, so around the 20th of May, or something similar, everything should be working as usual again. I will post links on this page, and direct to the new domain as soon as I have it, so, just keep visiting here as always, and you will be told where to go next.

All this is indeed putting me in a very awkward position. I was planning to release "Chaotix of Tomorrow" on April 20th, but that didnt work. And now I was intending to release it on May 1st, but that seems to be impossible as well. I can't give out any dates any longer. All I can do is to do my best and to solve all the problems as soon as I can.

I uploaded an introduction flash movie, by Roger van de Weide in the video section earlier today, but who knows for how long it will be up, as much as my provider is messing up...

To be continued...

April 26th, 2006

At last, I found a temporary solution with my Internet provider, so all mp3s and zip-files are back online again. I will, however, make a few changes in the future to my page, in order to limit the traffic a little bit (I have no choice). This may cause certain problems in the future, so because of that, I have set up a Status page, on which I will report any eventual files that won't work for whatever reason (for example, Chaotix of Tomorrow is currently not working, but will be uploaded again on May 1st). I will need help in the future to reduce these problems, so if you believe you could help me a little with hosting files, please let me know!! More information about this, is at the Status page also.

April 24th, 2006

Still no greater progress with my Internet provider, but I'm certainly not giving up yet. I still ask you all to stay patient with me. At very best, the page will be up and running as usual again in three days. At very worst, it may take til the beginning of June til everything is back, with a change of domain name (to something like "knuckleschaotix.com" or something similar). But one thing is for certain, everything will return to normal!. Question is only when. I have had problems with my page earlier (you can scroll down this section to "May 2005" to read about another conflict I had in the past, with my previous Internet domain provider) and I won't let this be the end of my page, no chance. So please, hang in there, loyal Chaotix-fans!

April 20th, 2006

Because of even more problems with my Internet provider, the release of "Chaotix of Tomorrow" has been delayed. Again, Im trying to solve this all as soon as possible. Several other files are broken as well, but I will try to have it all working again ASAP.

April 12th, 2006

I have a slight problem with the page right now. The downloads for "Chaotix of Tomorrow" and "Sonic the Fighters" have currently been removed by my Internet provider because of too heavy traffic/too many downloads. Im in contact with my Internet provider right now, trying to solve the problem, so if we are lucky, the files will be up and running again within the next couple of days.

April 2nd, 2006

I'm sorry about the trick I had on my page yesterday...I just couldnt resist. :) I actually got a few mails from people wondering why I would shut down the page, and as I announced the "news" yesterday, the traffic to my page exploded...More than 3Gb data downloaded, and 1201 visitors in a single day! But I guess I was cheating somehow, so I'm not really sure if this record counts or not... ;) Anyways, 2 new pictures in the Fan Art section by Aotix.

March 31st, 2006

I have some news regarding Chaotix of Tomorrow, so go and check it out now. :) Another two flashes in the video section, by Jared Groeneveld and Beaux Barron, thank you very much! And I also moved plenty of art from the drawing competition to the Fan Art section, and now there are more than 250 pics in that section... :)

And my page has set a new record...1068 visitors in one day. :) Thank you all!!

March 24th, 2006

Another three new videos in the video section by Becky "puritylf4" Moore, Roger van de Weide and Jared Groeneveld (new animator, welcome!).

March 23rd, 2006

4 new pictures in the Fan Art section by Hannah The Echidna, Becky "puritylf4" Moore, Michelle The Wolf and Josh Hannah and Josh are new artists, welcome!). The three ladies have gotten a separate section as they have sent me a lot of art of the Chaotix recently. This is just to make the Fan Art page easier to navigate. And also, two new videos in the the video section by Becky "puritylf4" Moore. More updates to come very soon!!

And my page has broken the 200.000 barrier! :) Thank you all so very much!! And another thing, about two months ago, I got two requests about affiliating my page, but the problem is that I can't find these pages anylonger...so if *you* sent me an affiliate request, Please resend it to me and I promise to be much quicker about it this time. Im sorry about my mistake...

March 13th, 2006

The results for the Drawing Contest are in! Go check it out!

March 12th, 2006

I'm terribly sorry...I know that I should have given the results by now for the Drawing Contest, but because of a problem regarding the voting, the results will be dealyed a couple of days...Im truly sorry about it, and will hopefully be able to present the winner in the beginning of next week. Please be patient...

March 2nd, 2006

The Drawing Contest is now closed for new entries! I thank all participants for their entries, there are totally 23 of them, and they all visible on the contest page, so give it a look! The results and the winner will be decided on friday, march 10th. Good luck everybody!!

March 1st, 2006

Now it has been confirmed for certain that the Chaotix do not appear in Sonic Riders, so therefore, I have removed all information about this game in the Games section. But, there is also stuff added; 6 new pictures in the Fan Art section by Rugal98, Becky "puritylf4" Moore and Michelle The Wolf. And then we also have another new comic by Dawn Best in the Fan Chaotix comics section!

And, the Drawing Contest is almost over now...you still have another 24 hours, before I close it for new entries, so it is still not too late to participate! Check the page later this week to see even more art with the Chaotix!! And finally, the page has broken a new record, by breaking the 1000-line of visitors during one day. New record is 1042 visitors in one day, and the page has now had over 175.000 visitors! Thank you all so much!!

February 24nd, 2006

Sad news. It appears as the Chaotix aren't appearing in Sonic Riders. Rumours have been spread online for quite a while that Ulala, Nights and Aiai (from Space Channel 5, Nights and Monkeyball) would be unlockable, and sadly, this rumour seems to be true. Click here, here, and here, to see it for yourself. The only thing to hope for now is that these characters only are background characters, and not playable, as I havent heard anything about anyone unlocking and playing any unlockable characters yet. But things are certainly not looking good. There is only one slot left, but why would it be filled by one single Chaotix member? It doesnt make much sense. Super Sonic is more likely, in my opinion.

I also made a few tiny changes here and there to the page, nothing of greater importance.

February 22nd, 2006

More fanworks! 5 new pictures in the Fan Art section by Shockrabbit, and Marc Johnston, new artists, welcome! And then we also have another comic by Felipe Marcantonio in the Fan Chaotix comics section (I also updated the layout of that section a little bit).

February 14th, 2006

More updates. 3 new pictures in the Fan Art section by KnuxZ, Lildude, and Becky "puritylf4" Moore And then we also have another video made by Becky in the Fan Chaotix videos and flashes section.

February 10th, 2006

A bigger update, at last! 19 new pictures in the Fan Art section by Aotix, Ryo Knight, Amanda v. Beest, Joanne Sakiuk, EmeraldGuardian and Chibitonberry (all new artists here, you are all very welcome!) and also from Chris Supernerd, Tigerfog, Rugal98, Becky "puritylf4" Moore, Cat of Grey (Mara), and Felipe Marcantonio.

Then, we have 16 new comic pages in the Comics section (directly available here and here). And finally, a brand new section on the page, the Fan Chaotix videos and flashes section! If you have created any videos or flashes with the Chaotix, be sure to let me know!!

And finally, the page has now gotten over 150.000 visitors, with more than 450Gb data downloaded.Having fun, I hope? :)

January 28th, 2006

Just a few tiny updates here and there, and another piece of Fan Art by Chibi-jen-hen.

January 10th, 2006

EEEK!! No updates for a month!! I almost broke my one-month promise (read above!). But still, I didn't. I have been away on vacation for a couple of weeks, but now I'm back again, with several updates:
First, I have changed the Chaotix Drawing Contest a little bit, by extending the contest for another two months, as I got a few requests to do so. Also, I have added a few prizes for the competition, so be sure to give it a look! Second, I have updated some information about Shadow the Hedgehog in the Games section, as this information has to do with the Chaotix. Third, added soundfiles from Sonic X. Now you could hear the Chaotix speaking Spanish and German! The madness continues...what language is next...? Fourth, two new pieces of Fan Art, drawn by Rugal98, thank you! Now there are 200 pictures (exactly) in the Fan Art section. Let's aim for 250... :)

And finally, some news about the page itself. knuckleschaotix.net is expanding, with more visitors dropping by each month, and higher traffic. Currently, I get about 750 visitors, and a traffic about 1,8Gb each day. As I'm getting more visitors, I'm also getting more mails, and I certainly don't mind that, but sometimes I lose track of all the mails I'm recieving. If you have mailed me and didn't recieve any reply - please mail me again. You have not been ignored! I always try to reply to all my e-mail as quickly as possible, but I may very well have missed a mail or two during the holidays (and December was overall stressy).
So far, I have had over 135.000 visitors and have had over 350Gb data downloaded. I hope you are having fun... :)

December 10th, 2005

I have been silent for a while, but I'm still here. And now, I have made a big update to the Sonic X section, now covering all episodes where the Chaotix appeared, with screenshots and information (and there are actually quite a few, so I suggest you to give it a look). Also, two new pics in the Fan Art section. 198 pics available! Who will get the 200...?

November 15th, 2005

I was informed that some links were broken in the Music section, so I've taken care of them now, I hope everything is working now. Also, I have uploaded a movie with Shadow and Charmy Bee from the game Shadow the hedgehog (also available in the Games section).

November 13th, 2005 (later...)

Two more pieces of Fan Fiction, by JudasFm and Opal the Rabbit, thank you! And also, I'm announcing that I need staff for the next version of Chaotix of Tomorrow. To read more about it, click here.

November 13th, 2005

100.000 visitors and more than 250Gb downloaded...!! THANK YOU!!

Ahem, back to business. A tiny update in the Chaotix Drawing Contest section, one new piece of art in the Fan Art section, by Chibi-jen-hen, one new set of opinions have been added to the Chaotix Opinions, the Links have been updated a little bit and finally (on request) an mp3 with Ray the Squirrel (Japanese). More updates are planned next week, with stories and fan-works. Stay tuned! :)

November 5th, 2005

90.000 visitors...thank you all so incredibly much!! As Im getting closer to 100.000, I feel I want to do something in return for all of you. I wish I could thank each visitor for dropping by my page, and I'm also very grateful to everyone who voted for me, which gave my page an award (check the Intro page).

So, I have set up a Chaotix Drawing Contest where you could win an Original print from Archie comics with the Chaotix. Hurry up, deadline will be Janury 1st, 2006. :)

Some tiny news in the Games section updated.

I have gotten more fan-work sent to me, stories and art, but I havent had the time to go through everything yet. Please stay patient. No mails will be ignored! :)

October 29th, 2005

Eek! No updates for over two weeks! Shame on me!! I have just had an insanely ammount of work at my university, but I hope to be more active with the page from now on. I was also delighted to see that my page won a Sonic Award (click here to read about it). It wouldn't have been possible without all of your support, and all help I got with the page. I'm truly grateful!!

So, back to business. 8 new images in the Fan Art section, by Michelle The Wolf, and Malted Micah, thank you!! There are now 195 images available...who will catch 200? Also, some tiny news regarding Sonic Riders updated in the Games section.

October 12th, 2005

I have been a bit busy during the last two weeks, but here are a few more updates. First of all, 6 new images in the Fan Art section, by Bobo Donkey, Chibi-jen-hen and Lenny martinez, thank you all so much!! There are now 187 images, only 13 to go to 200!! Another set of opinions have been added to the Chaotix Opinions.

I don't usually post art in the new-section, but today I'm making an exception. Have a look on these pictures, they are really nice. The Espio plushie is my own, the Mighty plushie was created by Chibi-jen-hen (larger version of the Mighty plush is available in the Fan Art section. None of the plushiess are for sale. :)

Other important news

I guess most of you have heard about the horrible earthquake in Pakistan. Over 40.000 people lost their lifes in this terrible disaster. Again, if you enjoy the material of knuckleschaotix.net, please click and the pages below and show your support. 20 seconds of your life is all I ask for...thank you.

October 1st, 2005

Several updates! First of all, no less that 19 new images in the Fan Art section, by Michelle The Wolf, Chibi-jen-hen and Jean François Thébé, thank you all so much!! There are now 181 images, so we are getting closer to 200!! Next, three sets of opinions have been added to the Chaotix Opinions. Ray the Squirrel was added to the Character section, and last but not least, a new piece of Fan Fiction by Leanne Lynas.

And now, my homepage has had over 80.000 visitors, with over 200Gb data downloaded. :)

September 20th, 2005

Felipe Marcantonio has, as so many times before, done a great contribution to this page once again, this time with a new funny piece of Fan Art and two new Hacks with Mighty the Armadillo and Espio the Chameleon!! Check them out!!

September 17th, 2005

First of all, important Games news, regarding Shadow the hedgehog and the next upcoming Sonicgame Sonic Riders. Check the Games section for more info. Five new pictures in the Fan Art section, by Tigerfog and Maeko. I have changed the layout slightly in the Fan Art section, the artist are now listed in cronolic order of submitting art, and not in alphabetic order as it was earlier (this is done to make it easier to find the newer art on the page). The Chaotix Opinions were updated with 2 more opinions. I can't get enough of them, so keep em coming!! :)

September 11th, 2005

The Chaotix Opinions were updated. I'm still interested in your opinions! :)

September 8th, 2005

Five new pictures in the Fan Art section, by Ivo and Danfield, new artist, glad to have you here. And many thanks for the special pic you made for me... :) A broken link or two were fixed, and the About this homepage section was updated a tiny bit.

September 2nd, 2005

I admit that I wasn't planning this, but since I got a lot of mails from Chaotix-fans requesting a forum completely dedicated to the Chaotix, I decided to set up a Chaotix Board, very much thanks to Bob Zinc. I point out however, that we will run this board for a month (through September) to check how it works. If there will be a lack of interest, the board will be deleted again.

Useless trivia: Now this page has had over 70.000 visitors, and 175Gb of data has been downloaded. I hope you are having fun. :)

September 1st, 2005

Three new pictures in the Fan Art section, by Chibi-jen-hen, Ivo and Bobo Donkey (new artists, welcome!!) There are now 152 pictures in the fan art section, Ivaylo Nedelchev caught the 150th. Now, let's aim for 200... ;)

August 26th, 2005

Two new pictures in the Fan Art section, by Rugal98 and Maeko (new artist, welcome aboard!) There are now 149 pictures in the fan art section! Who will make picture 150? Maybe you? Keep em coming. ;) Also, three new comic strips by Will Boyer in the Fan Chaotix comic section and finally five Archie sample scans (with the Chaotix, of course) in the Chaotix Comics section.

While I am updating my page a little, I also want to apologize to all of you who has written to me recently. I have been very busy in real life, and it has taken some time to reply to all mails. If I didn't reply to your email, you have not been ignored!! I have just forgotten to reply. Please resend your mail if you believe that I have forgotten about you, and I shall reply as soon as I can, promise. Also, if I forgot to upload any fan art, (I got quite a few requests recently), again, please mail me back and remind me. I'm sorry about the trouble.

August 15th, 2005

Yet another emulated version of SegaSonic Arcade available!! This may very well be as far as we reach!! Check the Games section as usual. :) Also, another piece of artwork in the Fan Art section, by a new artist, Rugal98. Thanks!!

August 11th, 2005

SegaSonic Arcade gets completely emulated at last!! The bug in the ice stage has finally been solved, and the complete ending is finally working!! More information about this new version and how to play it will be available on sunday. For now, if you want to enjoy the ending scenes (they have never been available online before!) to the game, click here! Great pics of Sonic, Ray and Mighty!!

August 8th, 2005

Another comic strip by Will Boyer in the Fan Chaotix comic section, thank you. :)

August 7th, 2005 (A bit later)

The almost-perfect emulated version of SegaSonic the Hedgehog Arcade is now avialble in the Games section!! Check it out now!! :) :)

August 7th, 2005

Mighty the Armadillo makes his guest appearance with Ray the Squirrel in the racing game "Gale Racer" for Sega Saturn. Go to the Games to check it out! Also, all sound-files with the Chaotix speaking have been converted into mp3-format (about time. I should have done it long time ago).

August 4th, 2005 - HUGE UPDATE!!

I had some problems with my homepage last week, and had to shut it down for a couple of days, but now things are up and running as usual again! With plenty of updates!!

First, three new pictures in the Fan Art section, by a new artist, IceDragon. Thank you!! Now hosting 146 pics, only 4 more to go to 150!! :) Second, a 20-page Fan Chaotix comic, made by Felipe Marcantonio and two strips by Will Boyer. Check them out, and be prepared for many good laughes ahead!! Third, Important game news!! The Chaotix are returning to "Shadow the Hedgehog"!! Yep, it is true! Check the Games section to read more about it! Fourth, American instructions for Knuckles Chaotix 32X have been uploaded into the Scanned Articles & Instructions section, and I thank Chibi-jen-hen muchly for letting me host these scans online. *bows* Fifth, the Sonic X section has been updated with information about the part that got cut out in Episode 39 with Espio and the DVD-player. Screenshots of this removed scene are available also. Sixth, I have now written a complete walkthrough with locations of all items, bosses etc to my game Chaotix of Tomorrow. If you want a copy of the walkthrough, send me an e-mail (the walkthrough will not be available online, as it would spoil too much for people that didn't play the game yet). And seventh (trivial as it is), I updated the About this homepage a tiny bit. :)

PHEW! In case you haven't had enough, then don't worry! Even more is coming up the next days!! I have gotten an ultra-cool Chaotix-related item from Japan (I won't tell yet what it is!) and I will also make some screenshots of Mighty the Armadillo's appearance in Rad Mobile for Sega Saturn, as well as brand new version of SegaSonic the Hedgehog Arcade which is working almost perfectly!! And perhaps there is even more planned up ahead...? Stay tuned!!

And some wothless statistic facts...60.000 visitors, and 150Gb data downloaded. I hope you are having fun. :)

July 13th, 2005

A new picture in the Fan Art section, by a new artist, Dane Russell. Thank you!! Now hosting 144 pics... :)

July 10th, 2005

Plenty of updates!! First of all, three new pictures in the Fan Art section, by Tigerfog and Chibi-jen-hen. Great stuff, both of you!! Only 7 more to go to 150 :) And speaking of the Fan Art section, I have now moved the scanned articles from that section, and put them into a brand new section on this page, namely the Scanned Articles & Instructions section, which also will contain scans from the game instructions! Right now, I'm hosting scans from the European and Japanese versions (Thanks to Heran Bago for the Japanese scans!!) of Knuckles Chaotix 32X and the European version of Sonic Heroes. Feel free to fill in the gaps, if you have any scanned instructions of any other version (but make sure you made the scans yourself! I don't want to get in trouble for hosting someone else's scans, who has not given me permission to do it!). And finally, there is also a Sprite comic available in the Fan Chaotix comics section, made by Concordehedgehog. I'm accepting sprite comics as well from now on!! If you have made any comics or anything else, please send it over!! :) :)

July 7th, 2005

It only takes 100 seconds for 35 children under the age of 5 to die from starvation somewhere in the world. Please think of the human-value.

If you want to turn this world into something better after what happened today, please visit any of the pages below and click for your support!!

July 4th, 2005

A new picture in the Fan Art section, by a new artist, Concordehedgehog. Thank you!! Now hosting 140 pics... :)

July 1st, 2005

Three images in the Fan Art section, by two new artists, Jessica "Blizzardwolf" Napier and Sakura21793. Welcome aboard!! Just another 11 pics to reach 150...

More updates are coming soon. I have great news regarding SegaSonic the Hedgehog Arcade!! No, the game won't be included to Sonic Gems Collection, no such luck (this has been confirmed!), but I have some other great news about the game, which I can't host quite yet. Let me just tell this for now - there is no need to cry any tears that SegaSonic Arcade won't be included in Sonic Gems Collection. Stay tuned!!

June 27th, 2005

A new story in the Fan Fiction section, as well as another two images in the Fan Art section. Keep going!! Feel free to send me your art and stories. I promise to look at them carefully!! :) The About this homepage went through some updates as well.

June 21st, 2005

Another image in the Fan Art section, new artist SwiftGunner. Welcome!! :)

June 20th, 2005 - plenty of updates

As promised, plenty of new updates!! First of all, 13 new images in the Fan Art section. New artists onboard are Michelle The Wolf, FoxFireFire, Tazia Hall, The Glock, Nueva Paz, Eamze and Pimmy. You are all very welcome!! :) :) Next update is a new hack of the Knuckles Chaotix ROM (By Heran Bago, available in the Hacks section. The Character section has been updated with new information about Charmy and Mighty. And finally, another opinion has been added. Have fun!! :) :)

June 16th, 2005 - large update ahead

No real update, just wanted to inform that the page still is running with activity. ;) No really, I was planning to make an update to my page this last monday, but family matters have delayed me a bit, and now I'm gone from a couple of days. I will however make a grand update to the page on Monday, June 20th with more fan-art, hacks, character updates, opinions and more!! So please stay tuned. This domain will keep expanding, I promise you that. :)

May 30th, 2005 - everything back to normal - moving to www.knuckleschaotix.net!!

www.knuckleschaotix.org is no more! Now I have moved to www.knuckleschaotix.net Update your bookmarks!!

After an awful lot of trouble with my previous Internet provider, and a bit of ftp problems with my new provider, I have now moved everything to www.knuckleschaotix.net, All data, zip-files, comics and everything else has been completely restored. Yep, all links are working again. If you find any links that are not working, please inform me about this, and I'll repair it right away.

Although I had all this trouble, I feel it was worth it. Now, my homeapge has had over 40.000 visitors and more than than 85Gb of data downloaded.. I really wonder what will happen first, either 50.000 visitors or 100Gb downloads...it may actually happen at the same time. ;)

As things have been down for a while, I have been updating almost all pages during the down-period, mainly spelling and grammar, but also a few pieces of information here and there, for example in the Games section. A new archie scan, by Dawn Best is uploaded to the Chaotix Comics section. Also, all Other Sonic Comics are back to the domain as well. The other domain I was hosting for just a very short while, sonicthecomic.org, had to be taken down because of the same conflict with my previous Internet domain provider. And finally, a new version of Chaotix of Tomorrow is up online!! Check it out!!

May 11th, 2005 - Brighter news for the homepage

I am adjusting my contract with my current domain provider and am making a new contract with a new provider right now as we speak. knuckleschaotix.org will still be up and running, but when everything has been fixed, in about a week, you will be automatically transfered to my new domain (I don't know its location yet). Everything will be completely automatic, so there is no need to update your bookmarks yet.

As things are looking now, everything will be solved and restored within two weeks! Thanks for your patience!

May 4th, 2005 - Terrible news for the homepage!!

knuckleschaotix.org has been down for the last two days because of a conflict between me and my Internet provider. Out of sudden, they told me that zip- and mp3-files aren't allowed to be stored on my domain anylonger. It doesn't make very much sense to me, but I have to follow their instructions. If I wouldn't, knuckleschaotix.org would be gone for good. This means that almost all good material on this page has been removed. The comics, the mp3-files, my own game, everything is gone!!

But, this is not the end!! Right now, I am negotiating to break the contract with my current internet provider, and to establish a new contract with another company that does allow zip- and mp3-files. The loaction of the domain will probably remain the same, so there is no need for you to update your bookmarks!

Becasue of this, plenty of links on the page will be broken, but this is hopefully only temporary. As soon as I have gotten my new contract, everything will be back to normal again!! I don't know how long this will take, but I sincerely hope that the page is completely restored before the end of May.

To save myself some trouble about HTML-coding, all links to the files on the previous zip- and mp3-files on my domain, will reamin, since I will reuse these documents again when I have gotten my new contract with the new company.

This came completely without any warning to me. I'm terribly sorry about this, and I promise to do my very best to solves the problems as quickly as possible. This domain is more or less my master-piece, and I won't let some rules destroy it.

Please stay tuned. Everything will be back to normal, and there are further updates planned ahead with more material. Just be patient for a while, and be sure to return soon! :)

May 2nd, 2005

Some great emulation news regarding SegaSonic the Hedgehog Arcade (where Mighty the Armadillo appeared). The Games and Hacks sections have been updated with information and new screenshots from the game!! Some minor updates were also made to the About this homepage section.

May 1st, 2005

I have made a change to my homepage. From now on, this domain will contain Knuckles Chaotix material *only* which means that the Other Sonic Comics have been removed! But before you panic, I could tell that they have just been removed to a separate server and is not connected to this server any longer. They are now located at www.sonicthecomic.org (this page has a very simple layout but is under construction right now). Since the Chaotix comics indeed are Chaotix-related, they will remain here. Today, I have also updated the page with more Chaotix material, namely a 75-page long Fan made comic made by NetRaptor!! Thanks a million!

The traffic has completely exploded to my homepage from about 70 visitors a day in March, to almost 500 visitors per day in April. The page has now had over 25.000 visitors and 70Gb of data has been downloaded. This is much more than I would have imagined as I opened the page last year, and I'm delighted that people obviously are finding interesting material on this page. ;)
This page will expand further as there are more plans ahead for this homepage!! Stay tuned!!

April 27th, 2005

The Chaotix Opinions is updated again with more opinions. Like I wrote yesterday, I want your opinions!! Keep em coming!! :) :) Then we also have a new story in the Fan Fiction section as well as a new picture in the Fan Art section by Mist the Hedgechidna, another new artist! (Thank you and welcome!!)

April 26th, 2005

Allright, enough of celebrations, back to work, and more updates. :) First of all, the Fan Art section has gotten two new pics, by Chibi-jen-hen and Kayleigh Walpole (New artist! Welcome aboard!!). Then, the Music section has been updated with a new Chaotix remix, made by Stephen Malcolm, thank you very much! The Chaotix Opinions were updated as well with more opinions! Please remember that the poll still is open!! I want your opinions!! :) :) And finally, two more stories by NetRaptor in the Fan Fiction section! Thanks a million, NR!! :) :)

April 20th, 2005
(April 20th 1995-April 20th 2005)

That's right folks!! Today, on wednesday April 20th, 2005, it is exactly ten years ago since Knuckles Chaotix was released on the Sega 32X (April 21st in Japan). To celebrate this 10th anniversary I have now updated the Chaotix of Tomorrow section!! And guess what...it *is* a new game!! Fan-made, but still...give it a look!

I wonder if I still will run this page in 2015...but one thing is for certain - as long as there are fans of the Knuckles Chaotix online, as long as people keep visiting my page and as long as Sonic the Hedgehog is alive, this page will continue onwards and expand further...Since August 16th last year, 55Gb of data has been downloaded and I've had almost 20.000 visitors!! Thank you all of you!!!

April 11th, 2005

A new section on the page is up, Chaotix of Tomorrow!! To be updated soon...very soon...what is this...?!

April 4th, 2005

I have been really busy with plenty of projects, both at my university as well as Chaotix projects online. I'm planning several huge updates up ahead, so stay tuned! As for now, enjoy new Chaotix screenshots from Sonic X from the next upcoming season in the Sonic X section. And now, my homepage has had over 10.000 visitors! Thank you all of you!!

March 12th, 2005

I have been quite busy during the last days, but here some new updates. First of all, Fan Art added, this time by Nuclearenvoy, Tabikat, Tigerfog, The-Enforcer-Saga and Becky "puritylf4" Moore (the last two artists are new, welcome aboard!). I have improved the Fan Art page a bit, to make it easier to see what's old and what's new. Also, it has been announced that Shaow the Hedgehog will be the main star of the next large Sonic-related game. I guess this means that the Chaotix must wait for a bit longer (if they return at all!). To read more about it, check the Games section.

March 1st, 2005

There we go, the new section is the Fan made Chaotix comics section. The name should speak for itself, so give it a look. More is to abe added soon (at least links to other comics, there are many more to go). And, I have also added an ultra-crazy soundclip of Knuckles and Rouge arguing in the Sonic X section.

February 27th, 2005

I have taken down the Chaotix Poll Competition. It flopped. I only got 8 entries during this month, and to tell the truth, I feel slightly dissapointed about that result, as my page has had over 1500 visitors over the last month. *shrugs* To those who did participate, thank you very much!! But the poll is still up, if you want to read the results. It is still possible adjust the results, so feel free to drop by, if you want. The poll told me to focus more on scanned comics, so...Huge comic update!! I have added another 133 pages in the Chaotix Comics and Other Sonic Comics section, making this page to carry no less than *exactly* 2000 scans!!. But in order to do this, I had to remove the remaining Sonic the Fighters Mp3s in the Music section. If I would get more space, I will upload these files again later on. Knuckles' and Espio's theme will remain online, so don't worry about those. There will be more updates later next week, as a brand new Chaotix-related section will be opened. What it is? I won't tell yet. :) Come back on tuesday March 1st, to find out. ;)

February 25th, 2005

Just some tiny information in the Chaotix - Sonic X section, about that there are new DVDs avaialable. The news are not exactly Chaotix-related, but shows at least that we are getting closer to the Chaotix-related episode on DVD also. :) And hurry to sign the Poll Competition, there are only three days left!!

February 20th, 2005

Brief, but very important information in the Chaotix - Sonic X section. 26 new episodes are coming, and The Chaotix will return, even Heavy & Bomb!!. Also, some very sad news about Mighty the Armadillo to read about in the same section (or you can read his profile in the Character section to read about it).

February 16th, 2005

Sorry folks, but I'm out of space on my domain. I must begin sacrifising the Sonic the Fighters mp3s from now on, but I will sacrifise as little as possible. I have 30 new Fleetway scans available in the Chaotix Comics and Other Sonic Comics sections, happy reading. I also noticed an HTML-error, the xtra03.zip-file was not working properly, but now it is. As I was out of space, I had to remove Eggman's two themes as well as one of the bonus tracks in the Music section. If I find more space, I will reload these mp3s later on (regarding Eggman BTW, I might as well inform some sad news that Deem Bristow, the voice actor of Dr. Eggman in the Sonic games, passed away at an age of 57, in January). Again, keep downloading the mp3s while you still can, they will be removed soon...! But the Poll has shown so far that I should focus on comics, so I'll keep doing that. Don't forget to sign it!!

February 8th, 2005

No real update, but I want to inform that I'm just about to run out of space on my homepage, and as I have certain projects planned ahead for this page, the Sonic the fighters mp3s will be removed next week!!. I don't know exactly on which day, but I want to warn you in advance - if you want any of the mp3s, hurry up and download them now, while you can, they will soon be gone!! I may reload the mp3s again later sometime, in case my provider will give me the possibility to expand my page further. I promise not to remove the mp3s before monday Febraury 14th, but from that day onward, I may remove the mp3s anyday. Espio's and Knuckles' theme will remain on the page in any case.

February 5th, 2005

Huge comic upload!! No less than 197 new pages added, available in both Chaotix Comics and the Other Sonic Comics sections! Be sure to give them a look!! And also, I'm asking you, if you enjoy the comics, please sign the Chaotix Poll Competition. I have unfortunately not gotten many replies yet, and I really would be interested in your opinion. So please, if you enjoy the stuff at www.knuckleschaotix.org, give me a helping hand with your opinions (you could do it while you download the comics!). Many thanks!!

January 28th, 2005

Better screenshots available from Sonic the Fighters in the Games section, with everyones favourite chameleon!!

January 25th, 2005

Two new images added to the Fan Art section, by Fast Ashadonic and Mark Teo. Thank you very much, both of you!! :)

January 22th, 2005

I now have more prizes to offer in the Chaotix Poll Competition. More DVDs to win! :) Be sure to give it a look, if you haven't done so already! Also, there is a new section on this page, the Chaotix Hacks section, where you could play Mighty the Armadillo in Sonic 1, and find some hidden sprites from Knuckles Chaotix 32X. Fan-Art is to be added next week.

January 20th, 2005

I have set up a Chaotix Poll Competition where you could win some stuff related to the Knuckles Chaotix. Cast your vote and try to win a prize!! Hurry up, it closes on February 28th!!

January 10th, 2005

Two new articles about Knuckles Chaotix, as well as one new image by Tigerfog was added to the Articles & Fan Art section. The About section was updated also.

January 9th, 2005 (Later)

PHEW!!. Another 75 (English) Fleetway scans are up in the Other Sonic Comics section. Yes, there will be even more comics later on, but it will take a while before I will be able to upload next part (which will be the Knuckles series, about 100 pages by Nigel Dobbyn plus a few by Andy Pritchett). That part will be the last load of Fleetway comics that I will host here. I hope 1750 pages will be enough in the end (1652 currently)... ;)

January 9th, 2005

Phew. 60 new scans in the Other Sonic Comics section, this time from the German edition of Sonic the Comic.

January 8th, 2005

Allright! I have gotten my new FTP program! And as promised, plenty of updates!! First of all, I have uploaded all my own Sonic the Fighters midis as well as all Sonic the Fighters mp3s into the Music section. But, if you want to have the mp3s from Sonic the Fighters, then I suggest you to download them while you still can. I am starting to run out of space on my domain, so these mp3s will be removed later on!! I don't know exactly when, but just as you know. I will put up a "warning" message in this section at least a week in advance before the mp3s will be removed. Allright...then we also have 44 new Fleetway Comic Scans in the Other Sonic Comics section, by José Casanovas. Now, there are more than 1500 Fleetway scans on the page. I seriously doubt I will reach 2000, but I will continue as long as I have new material to add. Which I will have, later in February. :) I have also updated the Games history of Knuckles Chaotix in the Games section, with more screenshots and downloads. Some small pieces of information was added in the Chaotix - Sonic X section. And finally, the Introduction screen has gotten a new look (to the better I hope).
More updates are to come soon!! With risk to repeat myself: Stay tuned! :)

January 6th, 2005

Happy New Year everybody! And don't worry, the page is not dead. Far from it, as I have plenty of updates planned ahead. Before I mention the updates, I might as well inform that the page has gotten almost 5000 hits since its start in August last year, and that result is not too shabby under consideration that my homepage is linked from very few pages (perhaps I should do more advertisment...?). I have noticed that the Music page has had a lot of downloads, so I'm seriously considering uploading the remaining soundtracks from Sonic the Fighters. Except for that music upload, more Sonic comics (more than 200 new scans!) and Fan Art will be added soon. A brand new section, Chaotix hacks will also be added in a near future (how about playing Mighty the Armadillo in Sonic 1?). I have also forgotten an important piece of videogame history of the Chaotix, which I will add soon in the Games section. I will also set up a Chaotix competition online where you could win Chaotix-related comics, Sonic X dvds and other stuff. My FTP program is still not working, so I have ordered a new one, which I should get in next week. As soon as I have it, I'll get to work! Stay tuned! The best is yet to come!

December 15th, 2004

I will from now on upload the Sonic comic works of José Casanovas to my page. I have been searching for him for a long time, but I just can't find him anywhere. Lew Stringer told me in an e-mail that he heard rumours that Casanovas actually passed away, but he wasn't sure wether this was true or not. A great sadness if it is true. In any case, 7 new Fleetway Scans in the Other Sonic Comics section. More works by Casanovas will be uploaded next week. Seems as we will reach 1.500 scans after all, as we only are 27 pages away... :)

December 7th, 2004

More Fan Art added, by Chaos Control, Hoplessly Blonde, MilesTailsPrower-007, Sonictweek and Tigerfog. Thank you all so very much!! There are now more than 100 fan art pics in the Fan Art section.

December 6th, 2004

My FTP program crashed out!! Gah!! Will try to make the Fan Art update tomorrow instead. Very sorry about the delay.

December 5th, 2004

Another 5 Fleetway Scans in the Other Sonic Comics section (Carl Flint). Fan Art will be uploaded tomorrow.

December 4th, 2004

Terribly bored with all my paperwork, so I uploaded the new Fleetway scans already. 18 new scans (by Andy Pritchett) in the Other Sonic Comics section. The Support page was removed as it hardly had any visitors, and as I won't require the help desribed on that page any longer. A small bit of Fleetway comics will be uploaded tomorrow, Fan Art on monday.

December 1st, 2004

HUGE update! Fan Art by Lunatic-Splinter and Elson "Darkspeeds" Wong was added, the Sonic X section went through a big update with new information, as well as new screenshots. Now you can also hear Knuckles the Echidna and Amy Rose speaking Dutch, German, Danish, Swedish and Norweigan in the Sonic X section. Quite as crazy as it sounds...give it a listen! Then, we have more Fleetway comic uploads by Andy Pritchett and Mike White, 36 new scans, as well as a new Archie sample by Jon Gray in the Chaotix Comics and Other Sonic Comics sections. And finally, I've changed the layout a bit in the Links section, to make it easier to reach the StC Artists, as well as other interesting Sonic pages on the net! And now, I'm taking a break for a couple of days...will try to make another Fleetway comic update on monday (Dec 6th). Until then, have fun!

November 28th, 2004

As promised, plenty of new Fan Art. New art (by almost all new artists): Cat of Grey, Chaoscontroller, Chibi-jen-hen, Chris Supernerd, Dark Burraki, Jean François Thébé, Icy Hibiscus, Kamla Dolly, Kiguri, Luna Yoshi, Magnus Andersson (yes, me too), Maringa Mikic, Michelle Carter, NetRaptor, Nuclearenvoy, Sapphireluna, Splash the Fox, Sonicolas, SoulDream, Tabikat, and Umbra-Rockchick. You are all very welcomed aboard!! :) :) I was planning to make the Fleetway Comic update tonight, but I'm simply too tired. I will do it on wednesday (Dec 1st) as well as the other "secret" upload. Stay tuned!

November 27th, 2004

Fan-art and the first Chaotix fan-fiction online have been contributed by NetRaptor and the stuff has been put into the Fan Art and Fan Fiction sections. Welcome aboard!!
Updates to come: There will be more fan art updates on sunday the 28th. Chances are very high that I will upload more Fleetway scans next week, featuring the Chaotix! I also have a crazy thing related to one of the Chaotix members which I will upload next week. I won't spoil what I have in mind, nor who of the Chaotix it will be...come back later next week to find out...! ;)

November 23rd, 2004

EVEN MORE Fleetway comic updates!! Another 35 new scans in the Other Sonic Comics section. I got permission from Carl Flint to upload his works to the homepage (*THANK YOU*). There are now 1407 pages available on this page. Only 93 to go to 1500...! Once again, happy reading! ;)

November 22nd, 2004

Even More Fleetway comic updates!! Another 63 new scans in the Other Sonic Comics section. There are now 1372 pages available on this page. Perhaps I will reach 1500 after all...? Again, happy reading! ;)

November 20th, 2004

More Fleetway comic updates!! 54 new scans in the Other Sonic Comics section. There are now 1309 pages available on this page. Happy reading! ;)

November 11th, 2004

Argh! I broke my promise to update the page at least once a month!! Don't worry, the page is not dead. I have just been insanely busy at the university, and I haven't had much new to update recently. Plus, I'm working on a secret Chaotix-related project, which I will release on this homepage, probably in the beginning of next year. Stay tuned! Uploads for today are four new images by Felipe Marcantonio in the Fan Art section.

October 9th, 2004

The English soundclip is up, and I've also added a tiny bit of information regarding the episode, both available in the Sonic X section. I also added a soundclip from Sonic Heroes to the Characters section and finally added some Archie comic scans (samples only) in the Chaotix Comics section.

October 2nd, 2004

Terribly busy at the university as always, and I haven't had much new to upload recently anyways. But here we go, first some Fan Art by Jennifer Lantrip (Lady Laguna), new artist. Then we also have a FAQ for Sonic the Fighters in the Cheats section, written by Martyn Howard. I have also managed to make an English soundclip from the Sonic X episode with the Chaotix, but I can't upload the clip quite yet, as there are a few unclear things about the clip that I must check, I may have to update the information a bit before I upload it. I will in any case upload it as soon as possible, so no need to send me a clip.

September 19th, 2004

Well, it is past midnight over here, still the 18th in the USA, but still...Huge comic upload, no less than 98 new pages!! The last series of the comics of Sonic (with the Sonic Adventure adaption) are now available in the Other Sonic Comics section. A great *THANKS* goes to Nigel Kitching for providing me the final issues (they are almost impossible to get!), so that I could scan them. These are all scans I could share for the moment, but there may be even more later on. There are now 1255 pages online - I don't think I'll reach 1500, but who knows...? :)

Again, thank you all, all artists! YOU ROCK!!

September 18th, 2004

No updates for a couple of days, because of an insanely ammount of work at the univeristy, plus some family matters to tend to. But here we go, first some new Fan Art by Outcasts, 7 great images, thank you! Then we have a new comic with the Chaotix in Chaotix Comics section, as well as one new Sonic comic, a missing part in a Tails Comic, and another Tails comic added to an already existing zip-file in the Other Sonic Comics section, making it totally 43 new scans. I have more scans to upload, will try to do it tomorrow or on monday. Stay tuned!

September 8th, 2004

17 Music midi files from Knuckles Chaotix 32X uploaded, made by John Weeks. Thanks a lot, John!

September 7th, 2004

A boss guide for Knuckles Chaotix 32X has been added in the Cheat section (written by Sonicandfffan). More Fan Art added, several pictures by Stiv_thermal. The Character profiles have been updated with the Japanese backgrounds in Knuckles Chaotix 32X. Interesting and pretty unknown stuff about the Chaotix, give it a look!

September 4th, 2004

More updates! Most important, I found a way a play through the prototype of SegaSonic Arcade, and updated information about this game and it's emulation programs, available in the Games section. Then we have new comic scans from the German edition of Sonic the Hedgehog, "Sonic Der Igel". 28 new scans in the Other Sonic Comics section. And finally, Fan Art update by Olivier Sirois and Tubby. On request, I have also changed the links to the artists on the fan-art page, to give easy access the artists' archieves/homepages as well as their e-mail addresses.

September 2nd, 2004

Adding more Fan Art! Two new images by Jean François Thébé were added, as well as artwork by Tigerfrog, new artist. All Chaotix art is welcomed, if YOU want me to upload your art, drop me a line!

September 1st, 2004

The page is growing! Articles from Sonic the Fighters were added, as well as some screenshots in the Games section. A new mp3 remix from Knuckles Chaotix 32X (arranged by Shariq Ansari) was added in the Music section. Then we have a soundclip of the Chaotix speaking French (!!), put into the Characters and Sonic X section (thanks to Felipe Marcantonio). And finally, Fan Art by Stacey W (Seismic-saffya) and Cat of Grey (Mara) was added. More updates to come!

August 30th, 2004

Fan Art by Jean François Thébé was added, as well as screenshots from the Sonic X episode with the Chaotix.

August 27th, 2004

Nigel Kitching was most kind to send me the 5th part of "Captain Plunder - the Spice Maidens", so a new zip-file, containing all six parts is now available in the Other Sonic Comics section. Happy reading!

August 26th, 2004

The 32X Emulator along with the Bios are uploaded into the Games section, to make it easier to download and run Knuckles Chaotix 32X as emulator game.

August 25th, 2004

More Fan Art by Felipe Marcantonio was added.

August 24th, 2004

Just a few things changed in the character section to make it look better.

August 23rd, 2004

Fan Art by Felipe Marcantonio was added, as well as information how to run SegaSonic Arcade, Sonic the Fighters and Knuckles Chaotix 32X. The cheats for Knuckles Chaotix 32X were tested (and they all worked!) Some names were fixed in the music section, though there are still some mistakes. But it looks better than earlier, at least.

August 19th, 2004

The cheat page was added.

August 18th, 2004

Oh heck...the comic zip-files with Tails were not working because of an HTML error. It is fixed now, so now you can download them all. I hope. :)

August 17th, 2004

Some invalid information in the Sonic X and Characters section was changed. Some pictures were changed and added in the Games and Sonic X section, Fan Art was added.

August 16th, 2004

Page was officially opened!! Have fun!!

August 13th-15th, 2004

Kept working, updating information, pictures, music, links and stuff.

August 12th, 2004

The homepage was registrated and I started to construct the page this day.

Questions? Comments? E-mail me!