Knuckles Chaotix - the Hacks

The word "hacking" is often associated with stealing data and secret information and/or to make it corrupt. But sometimes hacking could be of complete fun without causing any harm whatsoever. Below are some hacked material with information from various Chaotix related games, or games where the Chaotix have been added in one way or another. If YOU have any material you'd like to contribute, please tell me about it, I would be more than interested to give your information a look! :)

Knuckles Chaotix & Sonic Crackers

As you could read in the Games section, Sonic Crackers was a never released prototype of Knuckles Chaotix, and needless to say, the prototype contains certain similarities to Knuckles Chaotix on the 32X. Heran Bago has been hacking Knuckles Chaotix and has found the following unused material:

The animation sheet should be cleared out, as it actually looks like Mighty is drunk! This should be cleared out though, as such is not the case. If you touch the spikes in Sonic Crackers, you'll be temporary stunned (there is a similar animation available for Sonic), and this animation would be displayed. The sprites above simply shows what Mighty would look like doing this movement (The animation of Mighty is taken from Knuckles Chaotix) However, that animation of Mighty, as well as the animation of Vector never was used in Knuckles Chaotix.

Heran Bago has done even more hacking to Knuckles Chaotix than that. He has created a new version of Knuckles Chaotix, where certain colours and musics have been changed. The introduction screen, for example, looks different, and some music pieces are played at new places, and sound slightly different. The rings in the bonus stages are blue. :)

This is a very funny hack, well worth to give a look. You could download it here

Screenshots from the hack below:

Mighty the Armadillo - The Game

Felipe Marcantonio has hacked the Genesis version of Sonic 1 and has replaced Sonic with Mighty the Armadillo! If you want to play his prototype, you can download it here. In order to play this prototype, you also need the Genecyst Emulator which you can download here (in case the emulator is not working, please drop me a line, and I'll check it up). Screenshots from the game below:

Sonic Gaiden

And this is another version by Felipe Marcantonio in which you could play Mighty, as well as Sonic. The levels are a bit different in this version. You can download it here. Just like the previous hack, you also need the Genecyst Emulator. Screenshots from the game below:

Espio the Chameleon

And this is the last piece of hacking from Felipe Marcantonio, with Espio the Chameleon in Sonic 2!! Very cool hack with everyones favourite chameleon. This hack is a smaller version of a larger project by Felipe called Chaotix Detective Service, in which Vector and Charmy will appear as playable characters also!!

You can download it here. And again, like the previous hacks, you also need the Genecyst Emulator. Screenshots from the game below:

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