Knuckles Chaotix Music

Last update: January 11th 2010

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SegaSonic the Hedgehog (Arcade)

Eggman's theme
Escape from Eggman's tower
Stage Clear
Stage 1 and 5 - Volcanic Vault and Landslide Limbo
Stage 2 and 6 - Icy Isle and Wild Waterway
Stage 3 - Desert Dodge
Stage 4 - Trap Tower

Sonic the Fighters (Arcade)

Espio the Chameleon - Come on, Mr Sonic!
Knuckles the Echidna - Lovers

Knuckles Chaotix (32X)

Title Screen
Training Mode
World Entrance 1
World Entrance 2
World Entrance 3
World Entrance 4
Meet Robotnik
Introduction Level
Isolated Island
Special Stage
Bonus Stage
Game Over
Level Completed
Choose your partner
Character Select
Techno Tower Robotnik
Techno Tower
Speed Slider Robotnik
Speed Slider
Marina Madness Robotnik
Marina Madness
Amazing Arena Robotnik
Amazing Arena 1
Amazing Arena 2
Amazing Arena Mini Boss
Botanic Base
Metal Sonic
Final Boss
Bad Ending
Good Ending

Sonic Heroes (Gamecube, Xbox, PS2)

Team Chaotix


(The midis from Knuckles Chaotix 32X were made by John Weeks. The midis from Sonic the Fighters were made by myself.

Knuckles Chaotix 32X

High Five
Decision (2nd)
Destructive Power
Child's Song
Tube Panic
From Party to Party
Midnight Greenhouse
Tachy Touch
Chaotic World
Silver Screen
Crystal Nightmare
Oriental Legend
Have A Happy Day

Sonic the Fighters

Knuckles the Echidna - Lovers
Espio the Chameleon - Come on Mr Sonic

Advertise - Kiyo
Amy Rose - Back to Soul
Bark the Polarbear - Black Bed
Bean the Dynamite Duck - Try Again
Mission Complete- Egg's Fanfare
Metal Sonic - Never Let it Go
Dr Eggman - Hurry Up
Chaos Emerald
Ending theme - Take me Away
Fang the Sniper [Nack the Weasel] - Here We Go
Dr Eggman - Hurry Up
Name Entry - What's Your Name?
Game Over
Game Start - Are you Ready?
Character Select - Get into the Mood
Sonic the Hedgehog - Fire Stone
Sonic Vs. Knuckles - North Wind
Super Sonic - Everything
Miles Tails Prower - Blue Garden
You are Winner - Winner's Fanfare


Knuckles Chaotix (32X)

Sonic Crackers - DirtyBeta ReMix - a fast remix from Sonic Crackers. But as this melody is a part of Knuckles Chaotix, this remix could be classified as a Knuckles Chaotix remix as well. :) The remix is of one of the songs played between the stages. This mp3 is arranged by Stephen Malcolm. Interesting remix, give it a listen!!

Waku Waku walkin' - a splendid full-band remix of "Walking" in Knuckles 32X, arranged by Shariq Ansari. Very cheerful, much better than the original version in the game! Give it a try!!

Door Into Summer Remix - a wonderful remix of JoeRedifer@film-tech.comREMIX. If you mail him, remove REMIX from the e-mail adress (to prevent spam). A must-listen!!

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