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Sonic the Comic Artists

And last, but not least, Roberto Corona's Homepage!! I haven't found any photo of him... ;)

Other Sonic links

Heroes of Freedom - A nice page with various Sonic-related material, the Chaotix included. Excellent background music!

The Sonic Cavern - Another page with images and bio's about the Sonic crew.

Sonic the Hedgehog - Page with a bit of information of various Sonic games.

Sonic the Comic Online - The StC comic is no longer for sale, but a group of fans extended the project, and they have done a fantastic job! Wonderful fan-made comics built on the Fleetway universe.

Sonic the Comic Egroup - The StC discussion Egroup. - this is where I found the videogame articles about the Chaotix. A great page that cover almost all Sonic games!! Be sure to give it a look!

The Nebula Homepage - The Emulator needed to run Sonic the Fighters. Runs like the California sky is blue. :)

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